3 Tools and 15 Sites For Stock Investing in India like a Boss (2017)!

3 Tools and 15 Sites For Stock Investing in India like a Boss (2017)!

Investing your money into something is a smart way to make a bit of extra money on the side. You never know, you could become so good at it that you can start an investment career full time! But choosing what the best stocks and shares isa are or what you want to invest in can be quite challenging as there are so many options. You could invest in FOREX, look into bitcoin (start trade with crypto here if you’re interested), provide capital to start-ups, or you could just invest in stocks – which is the most popular way of investing money.

Stock Investing is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  It needs discipline and a lot of knowledge along with good instincts.  More importantly, one must understand how the economy impacts the industries one is looking to buy the stock in.

In India, with so much of churn happening, it is important that one also keeps the new government regulations in mind and thinks of long term capital appreciation.

In India, the Long term capital gains tax is zero.  This is a great incentive to look for long term investing, be it via https://fondanalys.se/2019/07/07/spelaktier-skapa-en-egen-portfolj/ or other platforms – a strategy that produced world’s greatest investor – Warren Buffett.

For a novice, the issue is how to get going in a market that is full of cacophony and noise.  I wanted to share 3 websites that can chart the path for any novice to invest confidently and usefully.

Wanted to share few online tools / sites that will help you get started with your education and also share the main financial / investing sites where you are get all the information you need.

Three Online Tools to Start Stock Investing in India


Equity Boss:  This website offers research for different types of stocks – long term, short term, Large/Mid/Small Cap and even sector research via different packages.

Of course, in this case you won’t be able to do your own research, but their offerings are useful at a very reasonable price.  If I had to get some ready-made investment research with minimal investment so that I can build on those ideas with my own analysis and either accept or reject the suggestions.

Screener: – Stock screens are pretty common in the US with a lot of information on the stocks – financial and comparisons.  This site does that.  There are some interesting screens that they have which could be a great way to kick start your investment research. Check out Piotroski Scan,  Safal_Niveshak_10Yrs, Undervalued Growth Stocks, and Highest Dividend Yield Shares.


Moneybhai – This is an online tool from moneycontrol which provides its customers Rs 1 crore cash in their portfolio account & a Rs 1 crore intraday trading limit to do shadow trading.  So without the money, you can test your skills and information on this tool for sometime until you are ready to jump into the market with real money.  So if trading is really where you want you go, then do get your feet wet with this tool to see if that works for you or not.

Between these three tools, you will get the wherewithal to learn by (1) get read made research to get you off the block with some help, (2) do your own research based on standard screens on stocks in the market in an automated way, and (3) do shadow investing and trading and get ready for real time work.

With this you will need a lot of information to know the real time and current information on all the stocks and the market.  Here is a list of all the top finance/business/investing websites that will help you be informed of all the latest stuff.

Economic and Financial News and Information Sites

  1. Economic Times: Although part of the Times of India stable, it is still perhaps the best Investment news site
  2. EquityMaster: Has premium services with research reports and recommendations. Information to research stocks and the markets. You can learn basics of most sectors.
  3. LiveMint: Hindustan Times and Wall Street Journal Collaboration. The collaboration with WSJ means much better quality of content in there.
  4. Financial Express: Another business paper – this time from the Indian Express group of publications.
  5. Business Standard: is an old newspaper which has been there for a long time.  Its online avatar is cool and informative.
  6. Business Line: is the financial paper from TheHindu stable and can provide the daily economic news well.  It does have the south flavor as well, which is an advantage for those investing in South.
  7. MoneyControl: This is by far the best Investment information website from India – with loads of content to read, analyze and learn from and the site creation is user friendly and modern.
  8. MyIRIS: majority of the content – news and analysis – is free. They also have forums, but again the issue is of the way site has been created. Very poorly.
  9. ValueResearch: Part of the Value Research company – which has a big Mutual Fund Database started from the vision of Dhirendra Kumar.

Top Blogs for Financial and Investing Knowledge

  1. Chartered Club: Is a blog by Karan Batra, a Chartered Accountant.  His blog has jobs, Q&A, blog posts on personal finance, tax and more.  I would highly recommend this blog.
  2. Jagoinvestor: This is also a very informative blog by Manish Chauhan, with even a pro membership for INR 6000, where he will help with an analysis report, goal based planning, health insurance support etc.
  3. The Financial Literates Guide (TFLGuide): is another blog with tons of informative articles.  It is managed and written by Hemant Beniwal (MBA and Certified Financial Planner).
  4. Basunivesh: is a personal finance blog by Basavaraj Tonagatti who is a Certified Financial Planner himself.  Apparently, his blog gets 350k monthly page views which is quite impressive.
  5. Freefincal: is a very useful site with blog articles and tools and analysis by an IIT Chennai Professor.
  6. Safal Niveshak – is quite a site with lots of information and knowledge.  In fact, it also offers membership for classes in investing.

Hope this has helped you get your investing journey started and help you make money through your life!

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