40% of all Blog Posts in the world are in Japanese!

Came across a very interesting article about the blogging trends in Japan and India vis-a-vis the Western Blogosphere.  It seems, even though English speakers to Japanese Speakers ratio is 5:1 in the world, the blogosphere is dominated by Japanese as opposed to English in terms of number of blogs.

Japanese write more and regularly.  And they read blogs more regularly as well.  Here are some interesting factoids from that article by Peter Sterlacci:

  • While 40% of English-language bloggers blog to raise their visibility as thought-leaders, only 5% of Japanese bloggers are motivated by the same reason.
  • Americans blog to stand out, make a point, or complain. Japanese blog to fit in and keep a record of their thoughts.
  • Compared with Americans, Japanese write at less length but write much more often.
  • Japanese are 5 times as likely as Americans, the British or French to read a blog every week, but less likely to actually act on what they read.
  • Japan is the largest and most active blogging culture in their world with 37% of the world’s blog posts being in Japanese

Can you imagine a small country like Japan contributing almost 40% of all the blog posts in the world?

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