92% Indian know their Government has messed the Economy

Burdened Common Man

Whatever the ministers may keep saying about the economy and washing their hands off of the mess that the Indian economy has become now, but the common man in India knows the truth!

Pew Research has some interesting survey results from India.

Almost all – a staggering 92% – the Indians today feel that their economic problems are because of their Government.  A small number – 17% – also believe that banks and financial institutions are to blame.

Some more interesting results:

  • Percentage of people who were satisfied with the direction of the country has fallen from 51% to 38% in just one year.  This probably means that Team Anna and Baba Ramdev’s agitations have at least impacted 13% of the people to change their view about the coming danger.
  • While every one from the erstwhile Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee to the PM and economist, Dr. Singh keep painting the rosy picture; the Indians’ “crowd-sourced” figure of the growth rate for 2012 is 6.9.
  • The four main reasons for erasing the confidence of the prople in the UPA led Government are: Slow pace of reforms, huge fiscal deficit, rising inflation, corruption and a falling rupee
  • People in the other emerging countries [China (83 per cent), Germany (73%), Brazil (65%) and Turkey (57%)] do believe that the current economic conditions are good in their country.
  • In fact they are optimistic that future will be good.  Brazilians (84%), Chinese (83%) and Tunisians (75%) and relatively optimistic Americans (52%), Mexicans (51%) and Egyptians (50%).  Only 45% Indian believe so.
  • People who are the most angry against their Governments, bring Indians very close to the Pakistanis right now.  Here are the infamous countries: Pakistanis (95% blame the government as a primary or secondary culprit), Indians (92%), the Mexicans (91%), the Japanese (91%), the Czechs (91%) and the Poles (90%).

What this poll shows is that the Indians are extremely angry against their Government.  In many ways, ordinary Indian can cut through the chase and get to the core issues facing everyone.  For, they have done a rather good job.

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