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Afghans have a tough time with high prices and low food stocks and Pak locks land route

There has been a constant discussion in Pakistan on how it “helps” Afghanistan and how the Afghans aren’t thankful enough.  This news item shows how much the Afghans are dependent on the land route from Pakistan to get their basic

This act will only increase the tensions and mistrust between Afghanistan and Pakistan, which is not good for the overall Af-Pak issue.

With snow piled deep in front of his small Kabul shop and a border shutdown enforced by Pakistan driving up food prices and severing a vital lifeline into Afghanistan, Asmatullah is having his own winter of discontent.
Since Pakistan closed supply routes to NATO forces in Afghanistan after the coalition killed 24 Pakistani soldiers in a cross-border air attack in November, ordinary Afghans and foreigners alike are feeling the impact of soaring food costs.
via Afghans hit by food price hikes as Pakistan shutdown bites – Yahoo!.