2024 Election: Fighting the Entrenched Genocidal Indian Establishment

Powers will everything to target a vulnerable and divided group. To stand up, the weak need power. Cracking that problem is the key. Modi is the wall in India against the establishment that has orchestrated genocides unrepentantly.

2024 Election: Fighting the Entrenched Genocidal Indian Establishment
“The power which resides in him is new in nature, and none but he knows what that is which he can do, nor does he know until he has tried.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self-Reliance: An Excerpt from Collected Essays, First Series

We had reached Saga, a small village in Tibet at 15,220 ft above sea level, enroute to Kailash and Mansarovar. Many of us fell sick and were tired at that altitude. So we stayed there for a couple of days to get acclimated to the altitude. We were with the Isha Foundation group which had a bunch of doctors, medical equipment and medicines going along with us.

One lady adept at Reiki started helping some folks out.

When we reached Mansarovar, the lady was still "helping" people out. Sadhguru came to know about this altruistic clinic going on. In the Satsang that evening he thundered saying "how dare you do these things in the presence of Shiva and me here at Kailash?"

Everyone taken aback, he explained (and I am paraphrasing from memory) -

These are energy interventions and tinkering around. The implications are far wider and deeper than you can imagine or comprehend. They go into many realms about which you have no idea about. Until you know how to take apart an entire human being and put him back together, knowing all the nuts and bolts, do not go into these things.

Take the human being apart and put him back together! It was more important at the level of the energy body and then put the physical apparatus atop that. But not knowing the intricacies of the energy body was the key here.

There are links and connections at many levels that we may not recognize.

When you read masterpieces like Tripura Rahasya, you find Yogis creating an entire world in an energy form.

At some level, fashioning the country and society is like that.

First, you need to understand and master the art and science of getting the power to make decisions and take actions. Formal power needs mastery over formal power structures.

Without that, nothing is possible.

Those who think that Modi's world and contribution start at his policy actions are like those Reiki players. They are just trying to tinker at the nuts and bolts without comprehending the entire game.

Yes, for at least a thousand years now, India has been assaulted, humiliated, plundered and beaten up. But after partition and independence, the lack of credible opposition to such forces from the Hindu society, despite the overwhelming Hindu sentiment post-partition riots was stark.

Nehru, the communists, the foreign governments had a field day. In terms of political and emotional intelligence, the Hindu community was almost led by naive and inefficient people.

India was abused and assaulted further still and power structures were stacked so hopelessly against the Hindus that it is a miracle that so many even survived.

In that milieu, a combination of two men took shape - Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.

They understood that nothing is possible without access to power. Actual and overwhelming power.

To even roll back the abuse and the absolute rape of the Hindu community and India in general, one could not do with an apologetic stance any more. The stakes were way too high and the adversaries relentlessly ruthless.

Slowly but painstakingly, the duo built up structures of power from the ground up. A party and and a group that could not get to power on their own and even lesser still hold on to it despite the "stalwarts", was morphed into the most efficient election machine in democratic history.

That is not something anyone teaches at schools or colleges. It is not something that can be taken lightly or even fully comprehended from outside.

The powers and the pressures to bring it all down are way too strong for anyone to fight easily. Specifically for those - like the erstwhile Hindu ecosystem - which had a linear manner of power thinking. Anything complex in terms of power equations and actions would get their "panties in a twist". It had to be just simple linear and straight-line action plans to be followed in power corridors.

In a world full of top chess grandmasters, the Hindu political groups were naive "ludo" players.

Suddenly the two came along with the wherewithal to be the best chess players around and beat the adversaries at their own game.

But for the Hindu ecosystem, it was just way too much to even analyze or comprehend!

  • They have way too much power and don't allow others to come up
  • They are bringing members of opposite parties in (even when they are completely demolishing the opponents - the basis of any power struggle!)
  • They are not favoring Hindus all the time (linear thinking at last!)
  • And then the classic - they are not Dharmic enough (decides who? The forever lost losers of the last century!)

Let me address why these two will not allow just anyone to partake in the power structures they have created. Because most of the folks are not good enough. 99% of them. Just live with that.

The past of Indian democracy was defined by the shameless treason against the people and the society. The future of Indian democracy will be founded on the basic principle of working for the Indian people first.

That is why, tomorrow's opposition will emerge from today's BJP and its foundational love and respect for India.

The reason why the opposition parties are being decimated is not because Modi is breaking their parties apart. But because in a society that has awakened to its own good, these politicians expose themselves as abusers so spectacularly that it is hard for even the most foolish to miss.

The bar has been set so high and the populace shown what the same country could possibly do if allowed to live its potential, that the electorate is now waking up to the extent of abuse that was heaped upon them all these decades, and indeed centuries.

Modi's greatest contribution will be to dismantle the inherent abuse and gaslighting that was normalized within the Indian society as its second nature.

The reason why the current opposition is not a political opposition but a bunch of India and specifically Hindu hating brigade is because of its own agendas and stances. They were never a political power group.

They were pimps selling the country brick by brick. Taking apart every nut and bolt hoping they could survive this destruction!

That is why, Jansangh and then BJP, politically naive as they were hitherto but batting for India's unity nevertheless, will be the birthplace of the future opposition in India.

Only a group that is inherently (even in its naivette) Indic-centric will be the genesis of the opposition to Modi's group.

It is then that they will understand that tinkering at the political and policy stances of a master craftsman is one thing. Getting to the power is quite another.

When someone has won the power, it is easy to hallucinate into believing you had a role in it or are responsible for it.

Making it happen is a whole different ball game.

So, unless you can take apart and put the entire power structure back again, how dare you tinker at the nuts and bolts? For, the implications are FAR beyond your comprehension.

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Mastery of Double-Speak and Violent Politics

A Maidan meeting was held at the Ochterlony Monument Ground (now Shahid Maidan) in Calcutta on the Direct Action Day of 16 August 1946. The speakers did not resist from giving highly inflammatory anti-Hindu sloganeering and speeches.

The meeting was also attended by Jyoti Basu, Leader of the CPI in the Bengal Legislative Assembly, and two other communist MLAs (one of them being Moni Kuntal Sen) sharing the stage with Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy as he openly called for violence.

What becomes even more intriguing is that the Communists of Bengal, including Jyoti Basu former chief minister of West Bengal), took anti-Hindu stances during this period. I am referring to the book Brothers Against the Raj to highlight the actions of the communists during the DAD period, including those of the veteran Jyoti Basu. Hashim, the secretary of the Muslim League and a key figure behind the rise of Suhrawardy mentions in his memoir Let Us Go To The War that he received assistance from Nikhil Chakravartti, a young communist, in setting up the program. Hashim identified himself as an “Islamic Socialist.” Jyoti Basu, along with two other CPI MLAs, attended the Muslim League meeting on Direct Action Day (16 August, 1946), which involved anti-Hindu speeches and led to violence. In fact, Jyoti Basu even shared the stage with Suhrawardy. (Source: "Horrors of partition of Bengal: Coming to terms with the unforgiving reality of pogrom of Hindus" by Aabhas Maldahiyar / FirstPost)

A violent machine was being set into motion that day. A fateful move that will take the lives of millions within a matter of a year in the most cruel manner. All with the connivance and collaboration of supposedly atheistic politicians.

The very politicians who would go on to run the most industrialized state into the ground.

The call for Direct Action Day was very clear. It was a call for violence against the Hindus on the lines of the Battle of Badr. It was part of the advertisements and pamphlets that the Muslim League had distributed to its base and to Muslims all over India. As Francis Wylie said clearly - the situation was perceived to not be directed against the British but the Hindus.

Quite contrary to everything that the Communists were saying all along.

Source: India's Partition: The Story of Imperialism in Retreat by DN Panigrahi pg 300

You can download this book from here.

Despite the dastardly plans of the Muslim Leagure, the Indian Communists were paving the way for the unimaginable violence to be unleashed upon the very electorate and people that they represented politically!

And it was not as if these communists were even anti-imperialists. They weren't. As Jai Prakash Narayan would state as the violence of Direct Action Day unfolded, the Communists had worked with the British as spies and tools of power.

Source: Amar Bazaar Patrika Archives of August 17th, 1946/ Pg 5

To understand the sophistication of Muslim League, the Communists and the Schedule Castes' Federation, one needs to go through the different messaging that was brought out by the Muslim League with respect to the Direct Action Day.

Communists also had their own share of conflicting but useful (for their agenda) messages that would help the Muslim League conduct the dance of blood with absolute impunity!

Check here for example. While the Calcutta District Muslim League was talking about "anti-fascism and oppressed people" and also talking about equal freedom of Muslims, Hindus, SCs, the Adivasis etc, the "Programme of the Direct Action Day" from the same group was unambiguously anti-Hindu.

The same copybook can be seen in the actions of the Communists.

Jyoti Basu, who was to attend the Direct Action Day public meeting on August 16th with Suhrawardy released this statement on August 14th in Amrita Bazar Patrika.

Source: Amrita Bazar Patrika - August 14th, 1946 - pg 3

These were the shenanigans of the major players in Bengal.

Meanwhile, on the other side in the West, the Muslim League was playing another game.

The creation and preparation of a quasi-military assault force was being undertaken with the full involvement and sponsorship of the top Muslim League brass.  Obfuscation and false claims were the order of the day from the Muslim League to provide cover, time, and resources for that force to come of age and become potent enough to carry out mass slaughters.

The Muslim National Guards units were amassing petrol and hoarding lorries and jeeps. Petrol was not just for running those vehicles but also for arson. Jeeps and lorries would enable the cadres to move from village to village, town to town unleashing mayhem like never seen before.

Anyone who has ever owned property in Indian subcontinent – India or Pakistan – and has had the misfortune of renting a portion of it out knows what it takes to vacate that tenant. 

These were inhabitants of that land. Living in their ancestral homes. For generations.  In fact, for many a millennium.  They could not be “persuaded” to just leave their homes and go.  They had to be pulled apart from their homes and thrown out.

The killing wasn’t enough.  Rapes and humiliation of women – daughters, mothers, sisters and wives – had to be part of the strategy for the “cost-benefit analysis” for the hapless victims to dictate leaving their ancestral land.

In that, the groundwork was the key.  The rest was mere rhetoric.

The Muslim National Guards recruits were being trained in stabbing, arson, and killing.  They were also tested and even given certificates!  Here is a copy of the kind of certificate given out.  Thousands of such certificates were given out at various centers.

On January 24th, 1947, a significant event unfolded in Punjab, India, when the Muslim National Guards organization was declared an unlawful association under the Criminal Law Amendment Act by the Punjab Government, in parallel with a similar declaration issued against the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). This decision marked a crucial moment in the lead-up to the partition of India.

As authorities sought to enforce this declaration, the responses from the RSS and the Muslim National Guards differed markedly. The RSS, complying with the order, allowed its offices to be searched and sealed. In contrast, the Muslim National Guards members resisted when the police arrived at their headquarters in Lahore, leading to a tense standoff.

In fact, the Muslim League cadres doubled down.  Several prominent figures from the Muslim League, including members of the Muslim League Working Committee such as Mian Iftikhar-ud-Din, Feroze Khan Noon, Mian Mumtaz Daultana, Sardar Shaukat Hayat Khan, and Khan Iftikhar Hussain Khan of Mamdot, hurried to the scene in an attempt to prevent the search and seizure operation. However, their intervention resulted in their arrest by the authorities. Subsequent searches of the premises unveiled a cache of over 1000 steel helmets, uniforms, and incendiary literature, shedding light on the extent of the Muslim National Guards' military preparation.

It is instructive to note that media of that day was giving its own spin to these arrests.

When vile and brutal violent actions or their precursors are articulated in a language that denotes "fight for truth" (satyagraha), you can rest assured that a large and violent calamity will befall society.

It is worth noting that the Muslim League leaders had arranged for Army Helmets from the Military Disposal Department to be supplied to the National Guards cadres. This action indicated a significant level of organization and planning within the Muslim National Guards, as they not only possessed uniforms but also received training in military drills.

The search had missed the main booty.  It was later learned that various arms, including daggers and firearms, had been clandestinely moved to the residence of prominent League leaders.

In particular, the Mayor of Lahore, Mian Amir-ud-Din, played a role in this operation, with the arms being supplied from his house during the riots, raising concerns about the potential for violence and unrest in the region.

False Equivalence - The Bed on Which Genocide is Laid Out

Legitimizing hate is the first step to genocide.  You see, hate can only be weaponized when it has been successfully and effectively normalized and legitimized.

After that has been done successfully, the unleashing of violence against the target is easily justified.

After all, if there was no barrier to unleashing hate, then what could really stop the impending violence? When the power of hate is so overwhelming, the victims become hostage to it.  They start demonstrating Stockholm Syndrome.

Even the victims of hate justify it as a natural consequence of the other's religious and ideological right. A legitimate expression of one’s religious observance.

The victims don't retaliate because of the twisted "you cannot fight 'hate' with 'hate' argument" is ringing strong in their minds.

In one clean swoop, defense against hate is given full equivalence to the unleashing of hate in the first place!

This equivalence between the aggressor and the victim was the main agenda behind the Secularism that India’s political masters unleashed on the country.

It is as we call it out - Institutional Whataboutery.

In its wake, the gatekeepers of India’s consciousness since its independence have sieved information very successfully to further debates and discussions that go only so far and no more.

But this hypocrisy and mind-numbing act of political patronage for terrorists did not cease even after the Indian independence in 1947.

On February 4th, 1948, the Chief Commissioner of Ajmer, Rajasthan again banned both - the Muslim National Guards and the RSS.

Source: Weekly Gazette of India, 1948-02-21

What the Muslim National Guards were doing in Ajmer in 1948 after all that already happened is in itself a conundrum.  

The false equivalence of RSS with Muslim National Guards, the violent mobs and Jihadis that executed the genocide leading to exodus making partition a viable option, showed one thing.

The confusion of the victims had not subsided.

It indeed had not.

Nehru's Tirade Against RSS based on Falsehoods

Nehru wrote a letter dated 7 December 1947 to India's Chief Ministers.

Reports have reached me of big demonstrations organized by the R.S.S. in some provinces. Often these demonstrations have been held in spite of prohibitory orders like Section 144. Some provincial authorities have taken no action in this matter and apparently accepted this defiance of orders. I do not wish to interfere with your discretion in this matter. But I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this acquiescence in defiance is likely to have grave consequences.
We have a great deal of evidence to show that the R.S.S. is an organisation which is in the nature of a private army and which is definitely proceeding on the strictest Nazi lines, even following the technique of organisation. It is not our desire to interfere with civil liberties. But training in arms of large numbers of persons with the obvious intention of using them is not something that can be encouraged. The fact that the R.S.S. is definitely and deliberately against the present central and provincial governments need not be considered enough for any action to be taken against them and any legitimate propaganda might certainly be allowed. But their activity more and more goes beyond the limits and its is desirable for provincial governments to keep a watchful eye and to take such action as they may deem necessary.

Some provincial governments have taken action against periodicals for promoting hatred between communities. Probably the newspapers of the R.S.S. are more to blame in this matter than any other newspapers or periodicals outside Pakistan. It is amazing how they carry on this communal propaganda in its extremist form.
I have some knowledge of the way the Nazi movement developed in Germany. It attracted by its superficial trappings and strict discipline considerable numbers of lower middle class young men and women who are normally not too intelligent and for whom life appeared to offer little to attract them. And so they drifted towards he Nazi party because its policy and programme, such as they were, were simple, negative and did not require an active effort of the mind. The Nazi party brought Germany to ruin and I have little doubt that if these tendencies are allowed to spread and increase in India, they would do enormous injury to India. No doubt India would survive. But she would be grievously wounded and would take a long time to recover.

Here is a copy of the printed version of the book "Letters for a Nation: from Jawaharlal Nehru to his chief ministers, 1947-1963" edited by Madhav Khosla.

Source: ""Letters for a nation : from Jawaharlal Nehru to his chief ministers, 1947-1963" / by Jawaharlal Nehru Edited by Madhav Khosla

What strikes you the most in this letter?

Just see how the narrative that was set by Nehru is today being used by the international media and the Pakistani establishment against the BJP and Hindus in general.

We have a great deal of evidence to show that the R.S.S. is an organisation which is in the nature of a private army and which is definitely proceeding on the strictest Nazi lines, even following the technique of organisation - Which evidence?

In fact, the Justices and the proceedings in the Mahatma Gandhi assassination case found no link between RSS and the assassination plot.

Source: "Tracking a Nehruvian conspiracy: Gandhi's assassination and attempt to neutralize RSS" / Academics 4 Nation

So was Nehru simply trying to frame RSS because this organization had been at the forefront to save Hindus from the onslaught of the Muslim League National Guards?

From the looks of it, it is quite clear.

Hitler Vs Churchill: What Churchill did to Indians in 8 months, Hitler did to Jews in 8 years!

While it is fashionable to use Hitler as a metaphor of evil the world over, it is also true that the West hails Churchill as a hero. That fact however is that Hitler killed 6 million Jews over 12 years (1933-45) (Timeline of Holocaust). The Bengal Famine, on the other hand, which was orchestrated by Churchill's explicit policies and complete disregard for Indian lives, lasted for eight months (March to October 1943) killing roughly 4 million Indians. Quite simply put - What Churchill did to Indians in 8 months, Hitler did to Jews in 8 years!

So yes, while we do believe that Hitler did evil acts against the Jews, but Bose used help from Hitler to secure the prisoners of war in German prisons from World War I, where the British used Indians as cannon fodder to fight its own World War using Indians.

To use Hitler as a metaphor by Nehru while happily tangoing with the dastardly British establishment in itself was a betrayal of the Indian independent struggle.

But let us go back to the immediate trigger for Nathuram Godse's action.

Rs 55 Crores that India owed to Pakistan. Gandhi went on hunger strike to push the then government to send Rs 55 crores that "India owed Pakistan."

That, at a time, when the Pakistani establishment had attacked India and Kashmir, Gandhi wanted to further provide the Rs 55 crore to that group of war criminals is instructive of his depravations.

Pakistan was created after the massacre of a million innocent people, who had to leave their home and hearth because some leaders had accepted the partition. It was preceded by horrendous killings of Hindus in Kolkata, Punjab and Delhi. Immediately after that, in September 1947, it attacked us and forcibly occupied a part of Kashmir, Gilgit and Skardu that saw the heart-wrenching killings of Mirpur. Still, it wanted its share of Rs 55 crore to be given. And we gave. Noted historian Y D Phadke has described the episode thus, "a sum of Rs 55 crore was the money that was Pakistan’s share, from the cash of Rs 375 crore in the vaults of the Reserve Bank of India before partition. On December 1 and 2, 1947, representatives of both countries had discussed the issue and decided that of the cash balance of Rs 375 crore, Pakistan’s share was Rs 75 crore. Out of this sum of Rs 75 crore, Rs 20 crore had been given to Pakistan to temporarily take care of its financial needs when Pakistan was just coming into existence on August 14, 1947, and it was decided in the agreement of December 2, 1947, that the balance amount of Rs 55 crore should be handed over later by the Indian Government to the Pakistan Government. Pakistan had a right to this cash of Rs 55 crore and the Indian Government recognized this right. In order to satisfy Pakistan’s financial need, the Indian Reserve Bank had indicated its readiness to approve a temporary loan of Rs 10 crore and Deshmukh had been told that the Reserve Bank had to take a final decision and that the Government of India would not interfere. That is why in the meeting at Lahore on January 11, 1948, Prime Minister Nehru had indicated that he was favourably disposed to give Pakistan Rs 10 crore as a temporary loan. Thereupon, Liaquat Ali asked Nehru: "Then why don’t you give Pakistan the 55 crore rupees you owe us and put an end to the matter?" Nehru didn’t agree but Gandhi forced him through a fast and finally, after all that Mirpur massacre and losing Gilgit, India gave Pakistan 55 crore. After that Pakistan "gifted" a part of our land to China. (Govt of India says Pakistan is in illegal and forcible occupation of about 78,000 sq km in Jammu and Kashmir and has illegally ceded 5,180 sq km of Indian territory to China.) (Source: "India eclipsed" / by Tarun Vijay / Times of India)

And that becomes even more mind-boggling when one looks at the complete picture.

While India "owed" Rs 55 crore to Pakistan, the fact is also that Pakistan owed Rs 300 crore (with 3% interest charged on top of it) to India!

A debt that remained unpaid!

It shows the total liabilities at Rs 56,51,784.22 crore for 2013-14. From this, Rs 300 crore is deducted as ‘Amount due from Pakistan on account of share of pre-Partition debt (approx)’. It may be mentioned here that while introducing the Budget for 1948-49 on February 28, 1948, R.K. Shanmukham Chetty, the then Minister for Finance, had put the rate of interest at around three per cent for the Rs 300-crore debt. “Pakistan’s total debt is to be repaid in Indian rupees in fifty annual equated instalments for principal and interest. As a measure of assistance to the new Dominion in its earlier years it has been agreed that the first repayment should commence only in 1952,” he had said. Introducing the Budget for 1953-54 on February 27, 1953, C.D. Deshmukh, the then Finance Minister, said: “In the Budget credit had been taken for a recovery of Rs 9 crore from Pakistan as the first instalment of its debt repayment to India but as it has not yet been possible to reach an agreement on the provisional amount of the Partition debt, this payment is likely to be carried forward to the Budget year.” While presenting the Budget next year on February 27, 1954, Deshmukh said that he had taken credit for a recovery of Rs 18 crore from Pakistan on account of two instalments due from that country in repayment of the Partition debt. In the Budget presented on February 28, 1955, he said: “The credit of Rs 9 crore which I had taken in the Budget from repayment of Partition debt by Pakistan has, however, not materialised so far, as, contrary to the hope which I had expressed in my Budget Speech last year, it has not yet been possible, for a variety of reasons, to reach a settlement with Pakistan over the outstanding financial issues between the two countries.” (Source: "Pakistan owes Rs 300 cr to India since Partition" / Business Line)

As recently as 2013-14, this figure was constantly mentioned in the Receipts Budget (Annex-5) of every Indian Budget since 1950!

Source: Indian Budget 2013-14 - Receipts Budget, Annex-5

The obvious question is why were Rs 55 Crore and Rs 300 crore not accounting entries with a net liability from Pakistan to India of Rs 245 crore?

Why is it that what should have been an accounting wash became a national issue for Gandhi?

While one cannot endorse murder for even such depraved people like Gandhi, he cannot be hoisted as a hero on the Indian populace because it suited the politics of a family.

Gandhi's actions need to be properly evaluated and Godse's arguments need to be discussed sans any emotional or moral witch-hunting.

As a start, please read about Gandhi's actions as a Sexual Predator.

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #261 - Gandhi, a Sexual Pervert?
When one reads Gandhi’s own words and those close to him, it is difficult to even believe that such a perversity ever walked this land. Leave alone lead it and decide fates of several generations!

Next, here is the statement that Godse made before the court during the Gandhi Assassination case.

Every criminal at the end of the day is a human being. Every crime needs to be dispassionately analyzed and the actual reasons behind it be understood.

But that was never the case.

To get a better perspective of how Gandhi used fake news and imagined facts, one needs to read how Gandhi pushed hapless refugees out of the mosques where they sought refuge in cold Delhi nights after being hounded and uprooted from their homes in what had then become Pakistan.

Drishtikone Newsletter #335: The Anti-Brahmin 1948 Massacres
The massacres of Brahmins in 1948 were not just buried by the establishment and media but were justified. And used to wipe out all strains of challenge from the Hindu community to a fascist regime.

After the death of Gandhi, another devastating dance of death was planned by the Congress.

Massacres for Ahimsa

Gandhi's assassination started another chapter of violence that has no mention in Indian newspapers or history books. It was a genocide that has been actively buried by the Congress governments and the administrations that were loyal to them.

After the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi by Nathuram Godse, a Chitpavan Brahmin, Marathi Brahmins were targeted by kunbi- Maratha community led by Congress party leadership.

The vengeance was targeted against an entire community for the crime of one man. That was the Gandhian sense of justice for his followers. A trait that was on display in 1984 as well.

There were local community fault lines, which were exploited by the political masterminds.  What should have passed off as legitimate criticism of a politician (Gandhi) by local press, was packaged as a sign of caste discrimination.

Vasant Pradhan, a journalist with the Marathi daily Chitra and a socialist himself wrote about the riots.

“I lived in Khar and my office was at Fort. After finishing the edition, when I caught a train, I realised that rumours were spreading.” “Next day, it became clear that the assassin was a Maharashtrian Brahmin Nathuram Godse. After that started a series of attacks on the houses of Brahmins and the offices of rightist organisations.”   “The office of Hindu Mahasabha near Dadar post office was a likely target in the aftermath of Gandhi’s assassination. To avoid the attack, some women party workers stood outside with Jawaharlal Nehru’s posters in their hands. They were spared.”  “By this time, politics has taken its place. Socialist leaders Nanasaheb Gore and Shankarrao More argued that attacks on Brahmins were a result of their predecessors’ atrocities. Senior journalist PK Atre defended the Brahmins and appealed not to believe what Gore and More were saying. In court, he admitted that he had no idea that Brahmins will be attacked.” (Source - DNA India)

That Nehru's posters served as a "shield" shows the instructions and the political leanings of the killing mobs that were going after the Brahmins in Maharashtra.

Most of the political commentators chalked it up to the "anti-Brahmin" hatred that they surmised was due to decades and years of "Brahmin domination."  

A typical justification of genocide in the true Nazi tradition of playing the victim card while killing with brutality to wipe out an entire community.  Brahmins in this case.

"Caste in modern India, and other essays", by Srinivas, Mysore Narasimhachar (1962) pg 22/23

Justice Coyajee Commission which inquired into the Post Gandhi Assassination violence in June 1948 on the order of Maharaja of Kolhapur gave a 95-page report.  That too focused heavily on anti-Brahmin feelings and terms the whole situation as "scrutiny of evidence... shows that this was only on a very small scale.."

"Savarkar a Contested Legacy" by Vikram Sampath, pg 470

As cruel as all this was, the real ugliness was shown by those who called themselves "Gandhians".

The Ugly Face of the Gandhians

From 11th to 15th March, 1948 a meeting happened with the title "Gandhi is Gone.  Who will guide us now?"  The leaders who participated in this were:

  1. Jawaharlal Nehru
  2. Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  3. Maulana Azad
  4. Vinoba Bhave
  5. Acharya Kriplani
  6. Others

It was termed as an "introspection".  And, the proceedings started off with a self-described statement of who was there to do what.

Gandhi is Gone. Who Will Guide Us Now? Page 6

Believers in Ahimsa.

'Let the State fight, we should train people in Ahimsa'.

The discussions focused on how this select group comprised of men who were the sole preservers of Ahimsa.  

Something that apparently in their view everyone - from the refugees from Punjab, the RSS working in rehabilitation of these refugees, and Hindus in general - was working eagerly to destroy.

Remember, this "introspection" was happening just as thousands of Brahmins had been massacred in Maharashtra and the Congress establishment was busy trying to castigate the entire community across the country as villains.

Against this backdrop, Vinoba Bhave said something that completely baffled me.

 Please read this carefully with the context of the then recent happenings, the complicity of the Congress leadership in the run-up to partition and its massacres by remaining quiet or allowing them to happen, how refugees were handled, and finally the Brahmin massacres.

Vinoba Bhave, the pretentious saint that we are made to believe that he was, knew about the Brahmin massacres as is obvious from his remarks.  He also was guilty that he did not do anything to stop it all.

What is he most worried about though? The RSS.  His hatred for RSS and "its methodology" is what he trains his guns at.  The very excuse and justification that the entire Congress establishment used to carry out the Brahmin massacres were what he was endorsing as well.  How hollow could one be?

Acharya Vinoba Bhave in "Gandhi is Gone. Who Will Guide Us Now? Nehru, Prasad, Azad, Vinoba, Kripalani, JP, and Others Introspect, Sevagram, March 1948"

Most of this fake introspection focused on three things:

  1. hatred for RSS
  2. 'concern for refugees who were being 'influenced by the RSS'
  3. whether the new organization that these Ahimsa-believers wanted to create should be called a Sangh or a Samaj? One had links to RSS, their hate object, and the other to Arya Samaj, another object of hate.  Both for the same reason.  They spoke for the Hindus.

The depravity, the ugliness, the cruelty and the entitlement of moral superiority while targeting Hindus for institutionalizing hate that would hound the community forever!

What does this all show you?

Predators from Hell

That the Congress and the anti-Hindu establishment - both political class and the moral busybodies like Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave and Kriplani - were fundamentally depraved and hate-filled group of predators.

These were predators who would stop at nothing to hoist their brand of an inherently violent and unjust polity on India to keep them in business.

Any challenge or call for justice against them has always been met with threats and violence.

Whether it was the anti-Brahmin massacres or Kashmiri Pandits saga, the state reprisals were widespread and unleashed to target the opposing viewpoint in general and Hindus in particular.

In a continuation of that same fascist and entitled tendencies, Rahul Gandhi warned the bureaucrats in the Enforcement Directorate and CBI who are working on cases against the Congress Party and the Gandhi-Nehru-Vadra family in particular of "strong action" when the Congress Party comes to power.

Source: "'CBI, ED should think ... ': Rahul Gandhi warns probe agencies of 'strong action' whenever BJP government changes" / Times of India

The message is very clear.

You will pay for challenging or criticizing the Congress and Gandhis.

Given the fascist practices that Nehru perfected against the common RSS and Jansangh functionaries and the actions of the Congress brass in Maharashtra post Gandhi's death as well as in the North against the Sikhs in 1984, we have a template that is draconian in its portents and real in its zeal.

If Rahul Gandhi's speeches are any indications, the capability to win power may have gone away, but the hate and the intention to target the opposing viewpoint has not.

If the power switch ever flipped, the writing is on the wall.

You will be a blood stain on the street like thousands of Brahmins of Maharashtra and Sikhs of Delhi while becoming the villains of that massacre.

Thanks to a pliant media that still carries on the same template that was followed in every massacre orchestrated by the Congress Party!

Modi is the Wall Against Unchecked Vengeance

Those who take Modi as a political person completely miss the point.

He is a political wall. A possibility that the continued and relentless targeting, abuse, rape and genocide of the Hindus that has been unabashedly orchestrated for the last one hundred years by a corrupt and cruel political class can be averted and challenged.

A non-Modi scenario will mean an unchecked level of violence against everyone who stood up for his/her right to follow the cultural, religious, and spiritual ways.

A word for those who have a problem with Modi's ways:

You think Modi has not done enough? You think Modi has "concentrated power" too much? You think he is "autocratic"?

Then go out and crack the "power code".

Or try and understand what he is planning for India.

If you cannot do any of these, then wait for the time when Modi leaves and another strong and different leader comes in from the same background.

But to have throw the "baby out with the bathwater" will mean lifetimes of hounding by the hordes of killers, rapists, and genocide orchestrating moral busybodies.

And your victimization will be justified by the story of your own villainy. Nicely put together by the pliant media and intellectuals.

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