After 60 years of Khalistani and Islamic Terror against Hindus because of Congress policies, 10 Hindus commit crimes means LACK of Saffron terror not its presence!

For last 65 years of India’s independence, India has been mainly governed by Congress and its allies for most part.  Kashmir issue was created by Congress.  Its mess was perpetuated by Congress under Nehru, Indira Gandhi and then Rajiv Gandhi.

Khalistan problem was also created by Congress.

In the last 65 years whenever India has seen terror attacks it has seen those attacks for two main reasons – if you leave the North East out for now (which also btw is a Congress created mess) – and they are:

Islamic Jehadi terror:

Kashmir atrocities against the Muslims and its spill over.  Kashmiri problem remains unresolved.

Khalistani terror:

Sikhs were ill-treated and their parties in Punjab were marginalized by Congress.  Khalistan movement started in retaliation to the policies of Congress.

As per popular folk-lore, Congress is a secular party.  Let us – for the purposes of this discussion, grant her that status.

Between Jehadi terror (Bomb Blasts and shootings – in JUST Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, UP – not counting Bangalore and other places) and the Khalistani terror, roughly 3600 HINDUS have died as per official figures (see table below).  These attacks were specifically targeted against Hindus by extremists of two religious groups.  Why?  Because of the policies of a “Secular Party”

Now, think of it for a moment.  Your family didn’t do anything, lived peacefully and contributed its due.  There is another dude living down the street, who is a bully (Congress) and goes about alienating people and making enemies.  He just has your family name on his house.  Those who are bullied by him, use it as a good enough reason to kill.  Not him, but YOU!  Why?  Because you share the same name.

So, again what did the ordinary Hindu do to deserve those bomb blasts every where in the country and killings, like when they were singled out from the buses and shot dead in Punjab?

Besides the killings in bomb blasts, the killings and exodus of roughly 200,000 Kashmiri Pandits is also there, which again was perpetuated and/or overseen by Congress allies like the National Conference of the Abdullahs.  Again, what did the Hindus really do to deserve this?

Honestly.  What??!

Sikhs get marginalized and they find it a good enough reason to start killing Hindus.

Muslims feel that Kashmir didn’t go the way they wanted, so what do they do?  Yes, start killing Hindus.

And, if you listen to or read the narratives by the “Indian Progressives” and “Seculars”, that is actually a credible argument.  Terror for marginalization and ill-treatment by the ruling Government.

Now, does that rule apply to Hindus?  After thousands of Hindus have been killed for the fault of all the Secular Parties (thanks but no thanks for your non-communal world!!) are they allowed to use terror as well?

Apparently, even if 10 – TEN – people are “Accused” not convicted (link), mind you – AFTER SIX DECADES of terror against them, …. we have a Specter of Saffron Terror on our hands.  Really?!

Thousands have died.  Hundreds of Thousands thrown out of their land.  No reaction.  10 people break down and try to retaliate.  And we have Saffron Terror?

Given the free reign of terror and its justification by various nefarious means and without any recourse or any remedy for the Hindus at large or Kashmiri Pandits in particular, if only 10 people have taken law in their hands amongst Hindus, it shows LACK of Saffron Terror,


the presence of it!!

If despite such a record – 10 out of 840 million in 65 years – Hindus are being cast as a terror-minded community, then do we understand the result of such a hideous campaign?  There may be some who may come to a very simple conclusion – “Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t”.  Creating a monster where there is none in such a blatant way can only be catastrophic for the country, if Hindus – ordinary ones and organized ones – take up arms even fractionally as Sikhs did and Muslims do.

Let us not push our luck to a point where Purohits and others aren’t an aberration but an organized creation!

(Featured Image is of the 1993 Serial Bomb Blasts which killed 257)

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