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After Activism Post-Gang Rape in US of 16 year old, Hacker group Anonymous promises more in 2013

Anonymous is a Hackers Group.  It has mostly been controversial earlier.  But one case – a Rape case in the US – brought out its vigilante and “Good Samaritan” character.  In that rape case, the football team boys raped a drunk and semi-drugged girl who was dragged from one place to another in semi-conscious state and the boys were caught in a video bragging about how one of the pissed on her.

The Anonymous Hackers caught hold of the video of these boys and released on the internet.  And it simply took the case all the way up there in the nation’s consciousness.

Now, Anonymous has laid out its plan for 2013 and said it will shake the internet up in the coming days.

Wikileaks, Anonymous and other like these are needed to plug the gaps between what is happening and what needs to be done. CHeck out a very informative discussion.