AIG is NATIONALISED – the Soviets have won!

Last updated on Sep 17, 2008

Posted on Sep 17, 2008

Ok, just a little news-flash:

American Capitalism quietly passes into history.

Federal Reserve is bailing out AIG – and American International Group … well is now true to its name!  It is owned by the Government of US and has subsidiaries worldwide.

The Fed will extend a 24-month bridge loan of $85.0 billion to the insurer, in return for an unprecedented acquisition of a 79.9% stake in the firm by the central bank.

Now, this acquisition of a private company by the US Government brings about interesting questions – what about the Joint Ventures that AIG has with companies in other countries in a sensitive and socially important area like insurance?  For example, TATA-AIG.  How does Government of India feel when one of the largest insurance company is substantially owned by the US Government?

Would it dissolve TATA-AIG?

What if TATAs went bankrupt and GOI bought their part?  Then it would be a JV between the US and Indian governments?  What a bloody mockery of the capitalist system!

Its bad enough that the Government is taking over the stake – its worse that it is relieving the top management led by CEO Robert Willumstad!  So, who will run this company?  Bernanke? Or Bush? and maybe in future – god forbid.. Sarah Palin – who has the rich “executive experience” of running a large town of 7000 people!

At the very least, this buy-out will not bring total collapse of the market.  Bravo!  But is $85 billion ENOUGH???  It is a bridge loan for 24 months.  Is this another version of the open ended money eating machine like Iraq?  Is this the Financial Iraq?

Actually, if you look carefully – the financial sector IS a FINANCIAL IRAQ!

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