Ambani, Mittal back Modi as PM while Congress go for Dynasty

Dhirubhai once said about Modi “yeh lambi race ka ghoda hai”.  Now his son, Anil Ambani and another top businessman, Sunil Mittal have stated that Modi is the National PM material and should be leading the country soon.[1]  I agree.  I have said that categorically some time back itself in “Narendra Modi for PM“.  There were many people who had opposed and criticized this article and my views, but to me – if you look around there are very few honest and pragmatic people in the country.  As much as he is made into a devil, the truth is that the people who throw stones at him are the ones who have been greater devils.  So, I am sick of those who SELECTIVELY criticize him and leave others apart.

In any case, I think it would be good for India in the long term if we are to fight back in the coming years – against the terror minds and masters.  That is why, I think it would be great if LK Advani could walk away and give that opportunity to Modi.  On the other side in Congress the voices to put Rahul Gandhi [3] and Priyanka Wadehra [2] up for the PM seat and run the dynasty forward have been growing.  Only some totally powerful strategy can save India from being held into another dynastic rule!

What do you think?  Who should be – long term – the leader of “Independent” India?!

Reference Links:

1. Anil Ambani, Sunil Mittal find ‘PM material’ in Narendra Modi
2. Priyanka entering poll fray is ‘beneficial’: Cong
3. Day not far when Rahul becomes PM: Pranab

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