Ambedkar : The Real Father of Nation – A Talk by Anand Ranganathan

Ambedkar : The Real Father of Nation – A Talk by Anand Ranganathan

Anand Ranganathan makes a case for why it is BR Ambedkar and not Mahatma Gandhi who deserves the honorific title of “Father of the Nation” for his indispensable contribution in the making of modern India, in drafting the Constitution, and more importantly, for his pivotal efforts to get the country out of the mire of caste-prejudice and untouchability.

Ambedkar not only sought emancipation of the untouchables, he went further – he fearlessly demanded the catharsis of Indians to atone for the ‘darkness of untouchability’.

Ambedkar’s genius lay in his towering intellect, his clarity of mind and his fearlessness of speaking it. He spared no one.

While his scathing critique of the Caste System and Hinduism is well known, his lesser-known but equally scathing criticism of Communism, of Islam and of the Mahatma and his role in the Khilafat movement leading to Moplah massacres of Hindus, bear testimony to a sharpness of intellect ‘forged with the fortitude of scientific logic’.


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