Was the Hamas Attack Part of a Larger Chinese Plan? #403

Attack by Hamas took a lot to accomplish. The sudden Chinese bonhomie with Syria and the bringing together of Arab - Sunni and Shia countries and actors by Xi Jinping's regime raises some questions .

Was the Hamas Attack Part of a Larger Chinese Plan? #403
Photo by Emmanuel Appiah / Unsplash

Until now we have been listening to and reading many analyses and takes on the Hamas attack that happened on October 7th, 2023.

The question about who all are involved in this attack and why has been the most central question. Most have not looked at the question holistically.

This is the first video where we can start piecing things together.

Let us look at what Lei is saying here.

  1. Xi Jinping is using sports events and wars in conjunction for some odd reason.
    1. Putin was the special guest in February 2022 for the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. Immediately after that when Putin returned to Russia the Ukraine war started. (Source: CNN)
    2. In September this year Syrian President Bashar al Assad was the main guest at the opening ceremony of the Asian Games (Source: Sky). Right after that, Hamas attacked Israel.

As we know it was almost exactly a year back that Syria mended its relationship with Hamas. What is interesting is that before Hamas tied back with Syria, Iran was already backing it. Not just that, Qatar and Turkey had given their blessings for Hamas to join hands with Syria.

Even Iran and Hezbollah were behind the rapprochement.

Source: Experts Weigh in on Regional Impact of Syria-Hamas Rapprochement / VoA

What does that tell you?

Contrary to the larger belief of Sunni-Shia battles, the two factions were far too close than the almost reluctant joining hands between Saudis and Iranians via the Chinese showed. The quality of the Sunni-Shia collaboration was far stronger. Something that the world did not really appreciate. The Saudi-Israel friendship may have been an eyewash for the most part. A deception. Just remember this and we will discuss it in the end from the Indian standpoint.

  1. China has chalked up plans to use three wars to weaken and deceive the United States. Which are these wars?
    1. Ukraine-Russia war. Now Israel was backing Ukraine. But more importantly, this war has weakened the US position while it has not really made Russia back down. Europe's situation isn't that good. It was badly impacted by the Ukraine War.
    2. Israel-Hamas-Arab War. This will leave the closest ally of the US vulnerable. This is not the world during the Six-Day War. Arab states of today have the backing of China. And possibly Russia. US and a weakened Europe will need to balance the two fronts.
    3. Taiwan front. That would be the third war. This is the real prize.
    4. United States Civil War. Now, this is the 4th war that Lei mentions later. The fissures in society and the political breakdown could be activated.

The deception, the battles, and the future options are part of a remarkable web that China has built.

One thing is now coming out though. The Hamas attack plan was in the works for 2 years.


The Islamist force Turned

We had discussed how the West had used Islamists as a tool.

The Story of How West Weaponized Islam
MI-6, the Nazis and the CIA have all cultivated, strengthened, and weaponized the Islamist organizations. Initially against the Soviets and then against the countries who did not submit to their writ. Today we look at the West-Islamist alliance in depth!

Over the past few years, China has turned the Islamists into their own court. While the West played on the Sunni-Shia differences and pitted them against each other, China has done the reverse. They have brought Sunnis and Shias to deceive the US, Israel and others.


Lessons for India

Over the last few years, India has come very close to the Middle East countries - UAE, Saudis, and Egypt specifically awarding Indian PM Modi with the highest awards.

The question that should be on the top of everyone's mind in the Indian intelligence and PMO - were those awards a setup?

Is an Israel being done on India as well?

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