Is America the New Roman Empire?

Last updated on Aug 1, 2007

Posted on Aug 1, 2007

This is an interesting question that a lot of people are asking.  The burden of being at the top also brings skepticism and vulnerability!  Iraq war and its failure is bringing out that vulnerability and exposing things about America that no one could believe would be true one day.  The dependence on China for even its most basic needs, vulnerability from oil, porous borders and rising corruption, Health system, messed up social finances as well as lower educational standards do paint a bleak picture on a very bright canvas.  So what does future entail?

Is America the new Roman Empire? Yes, obviously it is. America dominates the planet militarily, economically, culturally, as much or more than Rome ever did. Americas know their position and their superiority as surely as the Romans did. The Capitol, like every other ruin-to-be in Washington, was modeled in the Roman image, and half of it is named for the Roman Senate. Our confidence leads us to make the same kinds of military blunders as the Romans, and the only argument is whether Iraq is our Teutoburg Forest or our Adrianople – if we’ve learned our lesson and will stop pushing outside our boundaries, or if we’ve used up all of our get-out-of-jail cards and are primed for a fall.

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