And the world remained silent! Part I

Sometimes it sickens me when certain communities keep justifying their “violent streak” on the difficulties and the “atrocities” they face. And in India, such a fantastic “business of sorrow” to reap violent harvests has become an art and a “right”. I have believed that two communities that our country needs to be thankful to are the Sikhs and the Kashmiri Pandits. If anyone, then these two communities had reasons to go out and kill (which some in the former community did – but blindly!).. but they restrained. Watch this movie on how Kashmiri Pandits were driven out of Kashmir…. were ethnically cleansed in their own homeland.. and the world remained silent!

It also shows how Benazir Bhutto was instrumental in instigating the ethnic cleansing and gave speeches to arouse the baser elements in the Muslims of Kashmir – daughter of another India hater ZA Bhutto – who uttered those famous words “I will see the Hindu Bastards” after starting Pakistan’s own nuclear program on the back of stolen Nuclear secrets by AQ Khan.. who somehow reached Pakistani shores, while there was an Interpol alert in Holland and rest of the NATO countries.

Benazir’s death (and ZA Bhutto’s as well) shows that anyone in the Islamic world who thinks that he/she can open the lid on the baser elements within that community with the hope of getting power on the base of religion and use those sentiments is a fool. He/she is just digging their own graves. For madness of religious violence that is once unleashed can not be easily reigned in… it ultimately devours you as well. The ordinary citizen of Pakistan is learning that himself – the very organizations that they thought were created and given money to defeat the “Hindu bastards” are now orchestrating mayhem in their own home. Of course, at this time, the linkage is very difficult to see for that ordinary layman on the streets of Karachi or Lahore…. but for this ignorance, their kids and grand-kids will pay a very dear price!

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