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Judgment is a strange thing.  One human being judges the other based on certain “facts” and assumptions.  It is incumbent on this person who is judging to be above reproach, at least in the area of corruption and biases.  India is an unfortunate country.  We have all heard of judges being bribed to make certain decisions.  Between me and my friends who have had court cases in India, we would have enough anecdotal evidence to say this confidentally.

But, what happened in Warrangal is completely outlandish and shows the extent of the problem.  Andhra Pradesh High Court Judges were taking the first year LLM exams in a college in Warrangal.  Little did they know that they were being caught on tape while taking exams.  So, confident in their usual ways, they did what they know best – CHEAT!  They copied from books (YES! in the exam hall), smuggled notes, and from their friends.

The exams they were taking were to help them in their promotions and increments.  Instead, they have been suspended.  One guy from the BAr Association in Warrangal summarized it really well:

“The judiciary is the final recourse for common people to get justice –  and if the judges indulge in this kind of malpractice, how can you trust the judgment of the courts?” asks Ravi Kumar of the Warangal Bar Association

I am sure many of the readers have their own horror stories of dealing with the Indian Judiciary system and specially the corruption amongst the Judges themselves.  Generally speaking the High Court and Supreme Court judges are tough nuts.  They are either clean or can be bought at very high prices by very specific people.  Or so goes the legend.

Do you have your own story to share from your dealings in Indian courts?