Are we characters of a virtual game being played on a “Master Computer”?

In a rather bizarre theoretical framework, some scientists are trying to ascertain if we are some kind of computer simulation characters being driven around by a computer game being played on a very large “Master Computer” by “someone”?

Scientists are conducting experiments to discover whether the universe exists within a Matrixstyle computer simulation created by super computers of the future.  The experiments being conducted by University of Washington could prove that we are merely pawns in some kind of larger computer game. However, it is unclear who created these super computers that may hypothetically power our existence.
“Imagine the situation where we get a big enough computer to simulate our universe, and we start such a simulation on our computers,” said professor Martin Savage, a physicists working on the project. “If that simulation runs long enough, and have same laws as our universe, then something like our universe will emerge within that simulations, and the situation will repeat itself within each simulation,” he said.

The sadist – this “dude” – who is playing the computer game with us idiots are “characters” must be having one heck of a fun time indeed.

Photo Credit: Jaideep Khemani

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