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Moral Ethics and the Quantum Mind

The real utility of Moral ethics is for the times when one faces choices that are repugnant.  In normal times, there is not much morality to exercise. Western moral constructs need crutches of theories and pre-determined ideas to make decisions when situations are not straight-forward.  Morality, therefore, depends on edicts

04 Jun 20 5 min read

IIT researchers find an eco-friendly way to degrade plastics

Plastics are messing up the planet.  Our seas, oceans, rivers, soil, animals – everyone is being harmed and killed slowly.  Why?  Because this substance does not degrade at all! Plastics are messing up the planet. Now, an IIT-Madras team has created a way to degrade the plastic in an eco-friendly way.

16 Sep 19 3 min read

Why the lout, Pallava Bagla is the real face of Indian Press!

IN the aftermath of the broken communication with Vikram, the lander from Chandrayaan-2, one of the scientists, Deviprasad Karnik (Director of Public Relations) came out to inform everyone of the situation. Despite his sham apology and the closing of ranks by the other NDTV journalists, @pallavabagla is a lout and

07 Sep 19 4 min read

Bacteria may be transmitted over thousands of miles by air!

How do bacteria get transmitted?  This is an important question for handling large ecological and epidemiological situations around the world.  A team has found out that bacteria may be able to travel thousands of miles by air – across oceans even. A new study shows that bacteria at high temperature may

27 Mar 19 2 min read

Physicists Use Quantum Computer to Reverse Time 

Time travel or going into past or future has been the dream of many. Russian and American scientists may have been able to do what was only in the realm of fiction. > Researchers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology teamed up with colleagues from the U.S. and

14 Mar 19 1 min read

Mission Mars: Short Thriller about India’s Mangalayaan (Video)

India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) or Mangalyaan will go down in the history of space journeys as the most daring, innovative and mind-boggling undertaking.  After Roscosmos [], NASA [], and the European Space Agency [

12 Jan 19 2 min read
Daily Bytes

ISRO Opens Its first Space Tech Incubation Center for Startups 

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) which has been doing some amazing work – from multiple satellites in space [] to Mangalayan [] (Mars mission) to preparing for the Moon mission; is now opening up a Space Tech

25 Sep 18 1 min read

What the Heck is Our Universe Expanding Into?!

Nobel Laureate Adam Riess of the Space Telescope Science Institute [,-76.622987&spn=0.01,0.01&q=39.332887,-76.622987 (Space%20Telescope%20Science%20Institute)&t=h] and Johns Hopkins University explained this year that our Universe was expanding at a

03 Dec 16 5 min read
Health & Medicine

The New Chinese-American War of Designer Humans

Advances in science spark competition between powers that are rivals.  At least that is how the community sees it broadly. Oncologist Lu You and his team at the Sichuan University in Chengdu introduced gene edited cells on October 28, 2016 into a patient from West China Hospital with aggressive lung

17 Nov 16 3 min read

How does it feel to be shot by a gun?

There are many crazy men and many interestingly crazy things that people do, but what this young man did to check out how it feels to be shot by a gun is the most amazing!  Check it out. Read Mircea Goia []'s answer [https://www.

19 Apr 13 1 min read

Living Unplugged from the Digital Grid and Social World

World has grown exponentially for most of us.  Today a person sitting in a remote village of Philippines for example can be in touch with someone from New York.  And the digital technology is deeply embedded into our lives.  Can we disentangle ourselves from it?  Here is the story of

19 Apr 13 2 min read

Now Print a 3D Skeleton: Cheaper models for Biology Students

Full scale Skeletons and other parts are very expensive for students.  Now, a new technique, which is still in its infancy, promises to provide cheaper alternative easily. > “At Notre Dame, there are 100 kids in anatomy class and they have to share five skulls,” Matthew Leevy, the head of the

16 Apr 13 2 min read

Why do people say “Nope” when “No” is shorter?

A very interesting question and a great / interesting answer! Read Quote of Marc Ettlinger’s answer to English (language): Why do people use “Nope” even though “No” is easier to say and shorter to spell? [] on Quora [http://www.quora.

09 Mar 13 1 min read

Did you know: Can you cry in space?

Do you wonder about this? I was intrigued surely. Read Quote of Robert Frost’s answer to Can you cry in space? [] on Quora [] []

25 Feb 13 1 min read

How your body language shapes who you are

Just as one’s mental state impacts the body postures, it is now being clearly pointed that even body postures can impact the body chemistry itself. But isn’t that what Yoga says but in a more detailed and sophisticated manner? It not just looks at the posture but also

24 Feb 13 1 min read

A peek into the mind of a serial killer

When one sees the news stories of serial killers, one is stuck what kind of a person could do such crimes?  Here is a discussion by one person who spent time with one of the most dangerous serial killers in the history – Orville Lynn Majors [

18 Feb 13 1 min read

Taking a rest leads to better Decision Making!

Remember those math problems, where when we couldn’t get the answer, we would go for a walk and come back… and immediately “get it”?!  Well, it has scientific basis. A recent study published in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience [

14 Feb 13 1 min read

Mars, Saturn and Star shine over Gurudwara Bangla Sahib in India

A very beautiful picture of Mars, Saturn and the star Spica shining brightly over Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. > Astrophotographer Ajay Talwar [] of the space photography group The World at Night [] took this photo in August 2012

01 Feb 13 1 min read

How should one handle Sexuality?

People think so much about Sex and the opposite gender, so how to deal with it; asks a seeker.  Sadhguru discusses what sexual urges are and how they impact your well being or otherwise.

19 Jan 13 1 min read
Health & Medicine

Universe is like a Giant Brain

A news study says that Universe is a giant brain. > According to a study published in Nature’s Scientific Reports, the universe may be growing in the same way as a giant brain – with the electrical firing between brain cells ‘mirrored’ by the shape of expanding galaxies. > The results of

18 Jan 13 2 min read

Does Social Media Encourage Violent Teen Behavior?

Just as India is reeling in the aftermath of the mindless Gangrape of the Delhi Braveheart; US is too going through a similar heart-burn and contemplation of its own societal situation after the Steubenville gang rape incident.  This is some of the information on the rape case. (Also read Lessons

16 Jan 13 2 min read

Judgments are mostly visual, no thought is even involved

When they say “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder”, apparently they were dot on!  Judgments – causal ones – are indeed made only in the eyes.  Judgment, say about beauty, wouldn’t even involve the mind! So, do we even think while making a judgment about someone?  This is not

13 Jan 13 3 min read

NASA’s Johnson Style outreach Gangnam parody

NASA Johnson Style is a volunteer outreach video project created by the students [] of NASA []‘s Johnson Space Center [].

20 Dec 12 1 min read

Now a Free Java App to get Time on Mars

NASA scientists have a need to monitor the time on Mars in order to manage Opportunity and Curiosity which are roaming on Mars right now.  So, how does it do that?  Well it has now created a Java App (link []), which gives the

20 Dec 12 3 min read

Now your Smartphone can become a High Resolution XRay machine!

This is absolutely amazing!  If this new technology of microchip could be incorporated in a smart phone, then it could become a high resolution X-ray machine! > …thanks to tiny inexpensive silicon microchips developed by a pair of electrical engineers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). The chips generate and

12 Dec 12 3 min read

Even Chimps and Orangutans go through Mid-life crisis!

We all go through mid-life crisis everywhere.  Sometimes, this issue takes a deadly form and could lead to depressions and suicide.  Yet, in other cases, it could lead to some radical shifts in life which lead to new careers and new loves. We go through a U-shaped life.  Happy in

07 Dec 12 2 min read

The End of Men… and Rise of Women: a discussion

Is the power dynamics changing towards the women?  This writer says – that women and men equation is surely changing. Related articles How a feminist debate was derailed by asking all men to leave | Marta Owczarek [

07 Dec 12 1 min read

Significance of the number 108 in Spirituality and Yoga

108 is a very important number.  Hindus do everything as a count of 108.  The beads, the mantras, the yantras [].. Sadhguru explains the importance of 108 and why it is so significant to a Spiritual seeker and central to Yoga. Hindu deities [http://en.

04 Dec 12 1 min read

How Human Physiology mimics the structures of the Vedas

Here are some eminent scientists who are working at the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi institute looking at the science theories and how the Vedas and other Hindu scriptures have come about.  And then trying to understand the underlying structures in both.  The results is pretty startling!

02 Dec 12 1 min read

Cadbury’s makes chocolate that doesn’t melt!

Non-melting chocolates are here.  Cadbury’s has come out with a chocolate that doesn’t melt [] ! > New ‘temperature-tolerant chocolates’ that don’t melt even at 40 degree Celsius have been developed by confectionery giant Cadbury, which will soon

28 Nov 12 1 min read

How Professors are using Pinterest to engage with students

Whether we like it or not, Social Media is here to stay.  And the creative educationists and teachers are using it well.  Here is an interesting infographic on how professors are using Pinterest to engage with the students.  Pinterest now has over 10 million users. Courtesy: Worldwide Learn [http://www.

21 Nov 12 1 min read

Who are better investors – men or women? (Infographic)

Men and Women are very different types of investors.  Because their attitudes and the things that impact them are totally different.  Based on these differences, they make very different decisions.  Here is a very interesting Infographic to show the differences and in the end, who tends to be a “better

21 Nov 12 1 min read

Is Facebook addiction impacting our minds? (Infographic)

Even Internet can be an addiction.  And it has its repercussions [] . > Some people think that internet addiction (IAD) is not a real issue, but in China, Taiwan, and Korea

20 Nov 12 1 min read

Gene that predicts time of day you will die

Scientists have for the first time discovered a common gene variant that influences when you will wake up each day and the time of the day you are most likely to die, a new study has claimed. Researchers identified the gene variant that affects virtually the entire population responsible for

18 Nov 12 1 min read

Javed Akhtar – Muslim, Atheist, Rationalist, Writer, Brain and Mind Scientist – discusses Mind and Spirituality with Sadhguru

We had covered Javed Akhtar’s earlier rendezvous with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev ( Intellectual Nonsense, Javed Akhtar and the India Today conclave [] ), and how – ideologically inclined as Akhtar was, he just seemed to be arguing on things that (1) Sadhguru didn’t say and

16 Nov 12 10 min read

Is Science now coming to Hindu view of Atma and Parmatama?

Dr Stuart Hameroff, Professor Emeritus at the Departments of Anesthesiology and Psychology and the Director of the Centre of Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona, and British physicist Sir Roger Penrose have come up with a new and interesting theory Orchestrated Objective Reduction (Orch-OR).  It can also be called

31 Oct 12 1 min read

Loss of Groundwater linked to Earthquake in Spain, lessons for India?

Rescue Operations in Spain’s EarthquakeThe analysis of the 5.1 richter earthquake in historic Murcia town of Lorca in southeast Spain last year has brought up an interesting finding, that could prove disastrous to India as well.  Scientists now believe [] that it

22 Oct 12 1 min read

Do Dogs Dream? What do they Dream About?

Every day I interact with my pet dog Bella, I learn something new.  I have shared here, how she loves to come and sit/lie near me when I am doing my morning meditation and also how she likes to sleep in the area where the meditation is done.  She

17 Sep 12 2 min read

Do Teachers destroy many students’ careers by subtle behavioral cues?

This morning, NPR carried a very interesting story [] .  One that related Expectations the teachers have with students, Behavior of the Teachers towards the students, the subtle messaging that happens, and the results of the kids. In one study, Harvard

17 Sep 12 2 min read

Neil Armstrong, Once in a Blue Moon Adventurer

Neil Armstrong, First man to set foot on MoonAt 20:17:39 UTC on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong, stepped on the Moon.  With his feet on the moon surface, he said –  “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.”  First human feet had touched the surface of moon. Last

01 Sep 12 1 min read

The Big Fight (NDTV) on Higgs Boson: Some Reflections

There is a lot of interest in the “God Particle” and the debates on TV are happening on the subject as well. The debate on NDTV under the title “The Big Fight” was one such discussion / debate.  My interest of entry in this debate was that my Guru, Sadhguru was

08 Jul 12 5 min read

Oxygen powered Bike from students in Palwal Haryana

Indian students from a small town called Palwal in Haryana have created a unique bike.  It isn’t fast as it runs 6 to 12 miles an hour for upto 370 miles but it does that without any petrol, diesel or natural gas.  It runs on Oxygen – 100 liters of

24 Apr 11 1 min read

Can you have Perception without the Sensation of Seeing?

Are you able to see something, without knowing that you can see?  If “Perception” was the ability to see an object, and sensation was the knowledge that you can see (sensation of seeing, if you will), then can you have the Perception without the Sensation? Taking it further, if Perception

20 Apr 11 2 min read

Man who built Steel Structures and died listening to Beethoven

Article first published as The Interesting Life of Eiffel [] on Blogcritics. Some men are born contradictions in every way they live.  Alexandre Gustave Eiffel was one such person.  Born a French, but took on a last name from a German mountain, Eifel; Gustave graduated

25 Feb 11 2 min read

India’s Place in Space: It’s GSLV or Bust

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand why India’s heavy lift GSLV (or Geo-Stationary Launch Vehicle) blew up a minute after liftoff last Christmas. There are two explanations – one, obvious and the other, rather disturbing. The obvious reason is that experimental rockets are known to

15 Feb 11 4 min read

China is the largest Space polluter

China has just started its action in the space not very long ago, but it is already topping in rather ignominious ways.  In the short time, the countries that sent rockets in space, they have already created a lot of pollution up there.  What are these Space Debris? > the collection

16 Oct 10 2 min read

Sarda Sahney "challenges" Darwin theory

Sarda Sahney [] – a PhD student and her colleagues at University of Bristol have come out with research published in Biology letters [] (read/download research paper in pdf), which the media is claiming points to Charles

31 Aug 10 2 min read

Planting Seeds

My words are whispers on the wind Rootless wanderers Blown like seeds on an autumn breeze Until the wind grows still… And here, and there They find the just right place to land, To sink and germinate and sprout and grow into the light… They find A  Consciousness Receptive, ready,

18 Aug 10 1 min read

Lack of Gravity in India!

One needn’t go to India to know that something is seriously different about that country and its people.  We are constantly trying to ignore the “gravity” of any situation. Life is tough?!  But what is life anyways.. lets levitate and live without attachments! Om Shanti.. or on the other

03 Aug 10 2 min read

Cost of Progress and Hallucination of Nirvana

I was having a long debate about Science and Spirituality on Facebook.  Till it came to a point of looking at the benefits of Science and if what modern Science offer is really progress after all.  Yes, Science has helped the humanity, but was the way Science – from its genesis

27 Jul 10 4 min read

There is a hole in your bucket, Dear God!

Ooops.. our scientists just discovered that we have a defective Universe.  It has a hole!  A BIG one!  One billion light years across. I KNEW IT!  I knew from the day I could think straight that we had a second hand, hastily put together “Made in China” Universe bought from

08 Jul 10 1 min read

Ancient Hindu Science and the effect on the world – II

(continued from Ancient Hindu Science and the effect on the world – I []) Vedantic philosophy or Hindu Scientific ways experienced and found millennia back and document many centuries ago, also became the basis of the greatest modern scientific discoveries. How Ancient Hindu science impacted greatest modern

21 Jun 10 9 min read

"A la Carte" Science of Existence-less Creation!

Modern science works on current knowledge. Knowledge that is prevalent at any point in time. We pick and choose the tools that the current knowledge provides and fit them in the already existing ones and come up with a model. Theories of Existence and subsequent enunciation of what the scientific

21 May 10 4 min read
Indian Culture

Lost Civilization before us

There is a small possibility that the current civilization can face a complete destruction or annihilation either from a great deluge due to global warming or earth quake, or a nuclear war or even by an appointment with some asteroid. It is possible that everything we created, everything we invented

29 Jan 10 4 min read

Moon is wet.

The moon has changed for ever!  Now there is water there.  Chandrayaan-I finally did the unthinkable a month after its untimely death – gave the entire humanity hope that if it totally screws up its own planet, it could make do with the satellite!  Maybe when the ultra rich have nicely

24 Sep 09 1 min read

Creation is a Vibration

In 1687, Newton published Principia where he laid the foundations of Gravity, which explained how the planets stayed in their orbits and large bodies work. Five years later, a Cambridge philospher Richard Bentley asked him a very innocuous question that hit at the root of Newton’s discovery. Bentley wrote

14 Sep 09 6 min read

Galileo to Giuliani: Italy's fight against Science

Muzzling scientists which make the Government or the Church “uneasy” comes naturally to Americans.  Back in the 17th century it was Galileo Galilei and in today’s world Italy has Giampaolo Giuliani. Galileo had forwarded the Heliocentric view of the “known Solar System” in face of geocentric view of the

07 Apr 09 1 min read

Nano Satellite from IIT Kanpur Students

Jugnu is getting ready.  It is a nano satellite that students from IIT-Kanpur are building for a launch end of this year.  In a special program now, ISRO (The Indian Space and Research Organisation) is working with IIT-K to bring in talent to bear upon the space program. Do you

27 Feb 09 1 min read

"Eye of God" is staring at us from Space!

This is the “Eye of God”.  It is a cloud of stellar dust and gases of the Helix Nebula.  This picture was posted on NASA’s Website as an Astronomy Picture of the Day in May 2003.  It shows a dying star and the gases around it.  One day our

26 Feb 09 2 min read

Spectacular meteor caught on video

It is not everyday that you can see a real meteor… and the spectacular fireworks that accompany it.  Here is a video taken from a police car dash camera and it shows the spectacular view of a meteor:

21 Nov 08 1 min read

Infinite Universes or One Universe?

Things in our universe are just perfect.  Everything seems to neatly “tie-in” and work well.  It has this structure that is conducive to life.  If things were different, no life could have been possible. For example [] : > Consider just two possible changes. Atoms consist of

12 Nov 08 1 min read

Moon mission at a shoe string

Chandrayaan-1 – the Indian moon mission is now orbiting the moon.  It is as shoe string as it possibly gets!  Here is some perspective: Total cost: Rs 380 crores (USD 76 million) Airbus 380 developmental cost: USD 15 billion One Boeing 737-600 (the cheapest one) costs: USD 50 million Cost for

10 Nov 08 1 min read

Mars moons and Gulliver's Travels

The fourth planet out from the Sun, Mars, has two moons. The are named Phobos (meaning “fear”) and Deimos (meaning “panic”); appropriate companions for Mars, the God of War. But here is the funny thing… Over a hundred years before the moons’ discovery, in 1877, British writer and satirist Jonathan

09 Nov 08 1 min read

Mexican Tequila into Diamonds!

This is as heady as it possibly gets!! A team of Mexican scientists [] found that the heated vapor from 80-proof (40% alcohol) tequila blanco, when deposited on a silicon or stainless steel substrate, can form diamond films.  The main reason for this to happen

07 Nov 08 1 min read

Universe is being pulled!

Something unknown is pulling the Universe to it.   And the speed is more than 2 million miles per hour. It is as if the “thing” [Dark Matter – uncreatively characterising the unknown as “Dark” by the scientists] is outside the Universe and is relentless pulling stuff from our Universe.  Maybe our

07 Nov 08 1 min read

India's moon mission brings resumes from NASA and ESA

Amidst the chest beating by the nationalists in the Republican party in the US, they have no idea where US is going wrong.  Why the tomorrow of US kids is fraught with difficulties.  The major reason why US was the premier place for innovation was that its leaders inspired the

26 Oct 08 1 min read

India goes for the Moon!

Today India shot for the moon! (India’s Evolution []) It has been a lot of years that India has been growing in stature in the space community.. but ultimately it was the aim for the moon!  China is also in that race

22 Oct 08 1 min read

Higg's Boson: will it be the end of religion and God?

At the heart of all science and even spirituality is a simple question: How does the Infinite become Finite? or, how does energy become mass.  The building block of the entire universe and creation is the same energy wave that manifests as different subatomic particles.  Somewhere and somehow, the energy

10 Sep 08 1 min read

India's moon and space ambitions

Just a sidenote: Any country that has a real space program and can send satellites in space – is also the one which has an “indigenous” missile program, because both the technologies are the same! And any country which has missiles – like North Korea, Pakistan, and Iran and cannot even send

16 Aug 08 1 min read

Calculus of Nirvana

A young man once went to a blind Saint’s hut and knocked. The Saint from inside enquired – “Who is it?”. The young man – who had come looking for a Guru, replied “That is what I have come to know, Sir”. The Guru beckoned him. That is probably the only

12 Aug 08 3 min read

Quantum collapse can be undone

Our Observation collapses the wave [] and we can have a particle instead.  At least that much is a certainty for scientists.  Of course, the question that has always remained is how does the quantum world and the physical world so different in its appearance.

11 Aug 08 1 min read

Men give in to sexual temptation easier than women

[] Image via Wikipedia [] A research study [] from Montreal, Canada’s McGill University [] claims that men give into sexual [http:

19 Jul 08 1 min read

Was there a Universe before ours?

Was Big Bang the beginning of the existence?  What was there before that?  Was time still there?  If time was there, so must have been space since both go together. > A team of physicists has claimed that our view of the early Universe may contain the signature of a time

08 Jun 08 1 min read

Flying Fish sets a record

Did you know that fish can fly?  YES!  There is a special species among the fishes that have wings and can fly. The Exocoetidae or flying fish are a marine fish family comprising about 50 species grouped in 7 to 9 genera. Flying fish are found in all the major

24 May 08 1 min read

Many Universes (Multi-verses) and Assymetric Time

The problem with understanding of creation is that it is just an interplay between Space and Time.  These two are inextricably linked to our creation – past and future.  Despite what we think the scientists claim, the truth is that we are nowhere close to understanding to the absolute micro and

23 May 08 2 min read

Path has no meaning

With the formulation of Planck’s constant, our limits of observation were set.  Beyond this limit, our observation lacked any meaning.  The confidence of what we saw beyond this was imaginary and superstition.  Try as we might to define the route that an electron took to reach the other side

20 May 08 3 min read

Einstein on religion

For the most brilliant scientist of our times, Einstein made this strange assertion: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind”.  In the ordinary sense of how we understand religion, as organized institution, this was nonsense! This has fueled a lot of debate.  Thankfully, now comes out of

13 May 08 1 min read

New Dimensions: Will the new Hadron accelerator change our world?

Switzerland’s Large Hadron Collider – cost between $5-10 billion – will be ready this year and the world may never be same again. The believers in the many dimension explanation for Quantum Physics are increasing.  And there is some belief – if not acceptance – for the String theory.  There are are many

10 May 08 1 min read

Space History Created by India

India has placed itself into space history. In one launch, India launched 10 satellites into orbits that are 600 km away from earth.  The combined payload was 820 kg. The last time this was attempted was by the Russians who launched 13 satellites that weighed 295 kg.  Of course, NASA

29 Apr 08 1 min read

Quantum Collapse and the Non-local DNA

Here is an interesting paragraph from “The Spiritual Brain” > In the interpretation of quantum physics created by physicist John Von Neumann (1903-1957), a particle only probably exists in one position or another; these probable positions are said to be “superposed” on each other.  Measurement causes a “quantum collapse”, meaning that

28 Apr 08 2 min read

Earth is Humming!

HHHHHMMMMMM…… What’s that humming sound?  Does that sound very similar?  Well, its all over the place.  And you can’t get over with it as well.  Because you and I are SITTING, sleeping, walking, jumping on the machine making the sound! Its the Earth silly! And its not when

19 Apr 08 1 min read

History of Mathematics in India

In all early civilizations, the first expression of mathematical understanding appears in the form of counting systems. Numbers in very early societies were typically represented by groups of lines, though later different numbers came to be assigned specific numeral names and symbols (as in India) or were designated by alphabetic

12 Mar 08 18 min read

Is US of today where Persia was yesterday?

Like I said earlier in the post, Religion colors everyone’s logic and rationale.  Whatever one could see through easily, is lost to him when the extra layer of religion comes through. I had discussed in this post (Two Millenia of India’s Economic Journey [

19 Feb 08 2 min read
Health & Medicine

Is Science doing a Makardhwaj?

There is an incredible and unbelieveable tale in the life of Hanuman – the Hindu deity.  Ram and Lakshman have been captured by Mahiravan and are being held captive in Patal – lok or under the seas.  When Hanuman goes to free them he is faced by a part-monket and part-fish (kind

13 Feb 08 2 min read

How does the space smell?

Had never thought about this one point ever, but what the heck – everything smells.. something is good and somethings real bad.  But what about space?  Space is vacuum.  Does vacuum has any smell?  Ostensibly no.. but what about space?  Space is not just vacuum, it has lots of “stuff” floating

11 Feb 08 1 min read

God and the Mathematicians

Mathematicians are more religious than their scientist brethren.  A survey [] by National Academy of Science shows Mathematicians are 2.5 times more likely to believe in God than Biologists (14.6% Mathematicians vs 5.5% biologists). Well, that is a lot of people

28 Jan 08 1 min read

He stretches time

Mystics talk about moving beyond space and time.  Scientists and skeptics laugh at that.  Here is a guy who says he actually feels like he has stepped out of “linear time” as he is playing squash.  He kinda goes faster by going slower!  Can you stretch time? > MIKE HALL has

24 Jan 08 1 min read

Indian launched Israeli Spy Satellite aimed at Iran

One of the world’s most advanced spy satellite with a camera that has capabilities to see through any weather conditions was launched into orbit for Israel by ISRO – Indian Space research Organization.  It is the most advanced satellite in its class and Israel had asked for Indian help to

21 Jan 08 1 min read

Source of anti-matter found now

Scientists have been talking of antimatter for a long time.  All elementary particles, such as protons and electrons, have antimatter counterparts with the same mass but the opposite charge. For instance, the antimatter opposite of an electron, known as a positron, is positively charged.  When Antimatter comes in contact with

17 Jan 08 1 min read

FINALLY! The Aliens have contacted!

The Aliens are finally coming! I mean we have been looking for them, waiting for them, making movies about them, befriending them in our soaps and fighting them… and also collecting their left overs from the crashed UFOs. Now, they have decided to send a signal [

16 Jan 08 1 min read
Health & Medicine

A beating heart created in a lab

Scientists have taken the next step in biological science!  They have created a beating heart [] “from scratch” so to say.  As the video below says, the researcher here gave nature its tools and let it do

15 Jan 08 1 min read

Bhavnagar Scientists' achievement in Nano-science

Well scientists in the Bhavnagar University of Gujarat have done something very interesting… well it sounds interesting to a non-scientists anyways 🙂  They have trapped light in a “soup” of nano and micro particles! > Physicists at the Bhavnagar University in Gujarat, India, have demonstrated how to trap and retrieve light using

13 Dec 07 1 min read

Bhavnagar Scientists' achievement in Nano-science

Well scientists in the Bhavnagar University of Gujarat have done something very interesting… well it sounds interesting to a non-scientists anyways 🙂  They have trapped light in a “soup” of nano and micro particles! > Physicists at the Bhavnagar University in Gujarat, India, have demonstrated how to trap and retrieve light using

13 Dec 07 1 min read

A simple Toothpick and its innovation!

Sometimes the most harmless and simple things take a lot of innovation from people to create.  Who would have thought that a simple toothpick requires a lot of effort on design and technique from best minds to make it work and improve.  From the medieval times to the modern times,

11 Dec 07 1 min read

A simple Toothpick and its innovation!

Sometimes the most harmless and simple things take a lot of innovation from people to create.  Who would have thought that a simple toothpick requires a lot of effort on design and technique from best minds to make it work and improve.  From the medieval times to the modern times,

11 Dec 07 1 min read

UFO in Kolkatta and Scientist's double-speak

Scientists these days have issues with things beyond their minds and knowledge. First they claim it is natural.. then it is unnatural and a trickery and media reports it as if the scientist has proved the “mysterious phenomenon” wrong! Kolkatta, apparently was visited by the friendly neighborhood UFO. A guy

30 Oct 07 1 min read

UFO in Kolkatta and Scientist's double-speak

Scientists these days have issues with things beyond their minds and knowledge. First they claim it is natural.. then it is unnatural and a trickery and media reports it as if the scientist has proved the “mysterious phenomenon” wrong! Kolkatta, apparently was visited by the friendly neighborhood UFO. A guy

30 Oct 07 1 min read

Myths of Islamic "Sciences" and its history

A very interesting blog from Global Politician, Islam, the Greeks and the Scientific Revolution, part 1, [] by Norwegian blogger Fjordman. Here he argues that Islam and the Arabs may have transferred knowledge, but they didn’t contribute much of

08 Oct 07 3 min read

Mysteries of Water: the Strange Water Bridge

Water is the most abundant of substances on earth and the most vital.  it can form and destroy life.  Yet it has puzzled the scientists!  Beyond its basic form of H2O, scientists have not been able to decipher why it would behave in various ways that it does.  Here is

30 Sep 07 1 min read

Space, Women, WMDs, and Mission Accomplished!

Ok, this is the first time we humans from Earth have sent a space-ship [] that will go to one cosmic body…. circle it.. stare it.. and then go for another one.  True Interplanetary journey!  We men have had been practicing this

28 Sep 07 2 min read

Locality and Causality and EPR

There are few parallels in human endeavor than the very deep and profound argumentative disagreement between Neils Bohr and Albert Einstein on the very nature of Quantum Mechanics.  While Bohr was in the Copenhagen Interpretation gang, Einstein was looking for the hidden variables. Einstein wrote a paper with Podolsky and

28 Sep 07 2 min read

Don't sit next to a Salmonella on a Space flight!

I haven’t been on one recently, but I am assuming that a space flight is a tough experience!  Heck, the microbes – those with small robes.. naah… the small guys who only show up under a microscope – have it really tough out there!!  So tough they become tougher…. and meaner!

27 Sep 07 1 min read

Fallacies of God, Force, Matter, Space and Time

God is a matter of faith.  Faith that things "work" even though in a manner not always according to our wishes and "equitably" (as we define the word).  Yet, it seems to be so.  Random world would leave no room for any hope.  No reason to do anything or make

25 Sep 07 3 min read

Calculus was Created 250 years before Newton… in India!!

Remember in our school we were told that Marconi discovered wireless?  Well, it turns out that was nonsense!  It was really Jagdish Chandra Bose.  Marconi usurped the credit to himself.. and the Western world complied because Bose was a citizen of colonized people!  (MIT paper [

17 Aug 07 1 min read

Science and Exploration

This is an interesting video of Ken Wilber explaining the 3 strands of science – or any body of knowledge.1. Injunction (if you want to see that, you need to do this); 2. Experience/Datum (Seeing/experiencing the act); and finally, 3. Confirmation (someone else confirms the same experience). I

02 Aug 07 1 min read

What happened before Big Bang?

What happened before creation.  Or how was creation "created" is an interesting question that scientists and spiritualists have tried to tackle their entire lives.  Here is another attempt at that.  This one says that it is extremely difficult to pin point the properties of the "pre-universe" because of COSMIC FORGETFULNESS!

05 Jul 07 2 min read

Soon you will be beamed to your work – Star Trek style!

The stocks of auto industry and airlines is going to fall.. and fall heavily!  Captain Kirk’s "transport" mechanism of making a guy stand on a circle and teleport him/her to another ship is just around the corner.Australian scientists [] are at it.

05 Jul 07 2 min read

We were Acquired!!

Our Sun, Moon and our Earth was acquired from our parent Galaxy called Sagittarius Dwarf [] by the Milky Way!  So, we came into our new home.  And Milky Way is in the habit of devouring numerous smaller galaxies.  So even in the cosmos… it is

26 Jun 07 1 min read

Is the Universe Two-Timing us?

Itzhak Bars, a physicist at USC College is recommending two dimensions of time and space.  He is saying that adding another dimension of time can help relate the Theory of Relativity to Quantum Theory.. and also help do away with the issues with String Theory. > Einstein’s theory of gravity

24 May 07 2 min read

A Labyrinth of Creational Caves

In my last article [] I had presented how the conclusions from Quantum Physics seem to dovetail into what has been the pursuit of the mystics. The argument and the tack taken there was that no matter which road you take, the final steps to “Truth”

26 Feb 07 3 min read

Eternal Illusion and How Observer Creates His Own Reality

In October of 1927, Born, Dirac, Heisenberg, Pauli, and Bohr came together and expounded as well as accepted “an” interpretation of the new quantum world that was reeling in the aftermath of Schrodinger’s Wave Collapse experiments. They called it the Copenhagen Interpretation. With the collapse of the wave wherein

30 Nov 06 10 min read

Cosmic Dance of Shiva: New Evidence

Here is some new evidence [] that Universe may be cyclical in the way it expands and contracts!  The “Dance of Shiva” as Fritjof Capra talks of this phenomenon in “Tao of Physics”. > A cyclic universe, which bounces through a series of big bangs

01 Jun 06 2 min read
Global Warming

We'll be Wet after we Heat up!

Congratulations!  We are right on track to heat things up a little bit.. in fact as hot as it hasn’t been in .. well.. 130,000 years! If we keep going at the rate we are going we could take the temperature of the Earth to rise 4 degrees F

23 Mar 06 2 min read
Achievement and Leadership

Ramanujam: The Man who Knew Infinity

Ramanujam was a mathematical genius of the last century.  One of the greatest if not THE greatest!  Recently, it was announced [] that a movie would be made on him. > British director Stephen Fry and India’s Dev Benegal are

20 Mar 06 3 min read

Men-Women Equality: Another Perspective!

My earlier post []on differences between men and women.  Men and Women have often been equated to Shiv and Parvati (Shakti). In most mythology, Shiv, the Hindu deity, in his virile spendour represents the quintessential wild male, while Shakti represents the

18 Feb 06 1 min read


There is a fair bit of controversy on the differences between genders.  Do men and women think and behave differently?  A year ago, the president of Harvard University, Lawrence H. Summers [], sparked an uproar at an academic conference when he said that innate

16 Feb 06 2 min read

Metaphysics and Quantum Physics on Space, Time and Causation!

Metaphysics and Quantum Physics are explorations of reality. Laws are merely different events that have been linked in a causation paradigm – because they have happened – or apparently happened – as we know them in a certain sequence! The structure and serial linkages of the prevalent laws and “principles” therefore are limited

10 Oct 05 5 min read

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