Army Chief will retaliate at Time & Place of Choice, except that no one knows that “Place” or “Time”!

Statement that the Indian Army Chief has come out with. And it is the same shit all over again. There is no meaning to what he is saying, for he doesn’t believe it and nor does anyone else. He is an organizational man and he is speaking more to his rank and file, which is fine. But his directions – fire back on provocation, in a measured way – is again nonsensical. Why measured?

Giving out a very strict warning to Pakistan on retaliation to attacks on the LoC in Poonch district, Indian Army chief general Bikram Singh on Monday said that the he has given categorical directions to the Northern Command to retaliate if provoked and also asserted that we reserve the right to retaliate at the time and place of our choice.

Time and Place of our Own Choosing. Yeah Right! Maybe some second rate Dialogue writer from Bollywood can write better dialogs for our leaders. Honestly!! If slogans and warnings is all you have, then the Defense Forces and their leaders look like sorry Sadak Chhap Goondas. If you have a plan, there have been enough.. really.. ENOUGH damage and strikes that Pakistan has done on India to actionize that plan. The sad part is that the Defense Establishment and the Political Establishment in India do not have a plan.


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