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Audacity of Plunder and Rape of India and its Citizenry


On September 21, 2001 Rahul Gandhi and his Colombian girl friend were caught and detained at the Logan airport.  The scion of the Gandhi family was in possession of over $200,000 and he had no explanation for it.  Only after Atal Behari Vajpayee personally intervened at the highest Governmental level, did the US Government leave him.

“I must let you know that I am surprised and disappointed to find a leader of your stature occupying important positions in the NDA and the BJP endorsing such scurrilous and malicious fabrications through their release at a function presided over by you.”

Wrote Sonia to Advani in a letter to push him for the apology over the report by BJP-appointed taskforce which said that Sonia and her family had stashed huge amounts of money in Swiss Banks.  Of course, Sonia’s sidekick – Ambika Soni took the opportunity to hit at Advani as much as she could.  Ironically, Advani knew very well about how Indian Government got Rahul Gandhi out of detention when he was caught with that stash of money.  But oh well!

Now, let us go over to a remote state in India.  Arunachal Pradesh.  There in a place called Pasighat, Baba Ramdev is holding a Yoga Camp.  As is his wont, along with Yoga, he gives a dose or two of moral standards and political corruption in the land.  This didn’t go well with the Congress MPs there.

So, Congress MP Ninong Ering called him a bloody Indian Dog and told him to stay away from talking about corruption in the state.  Irrespective of the political and moral standards involved in here, it is intriguing to know that Congress MPs think Indians are dogs!

Even more disturbing in these two incidents – of Sonia Gandhi pushing those who name her of corruption and a lowly MP in a remote corner of India who is also accused of corruption – to play arm twisting tactics and push any opposition to the ground.

In the last one year, India may have lost between $500 billion to a Trillion dollar in corruption.  I am talking of just that corruption that could possibly be counted.  Am not talking of the various bribes and money that is stashed in the MPs houses by various builders or companies winning contracts etc.  Just the big deals.

That, my fellow Indians, is not corruption.. but PLUNDER!  It is not that someone is eve teasing your daughter… but that she is being GANG-RAPED!  And, even if you were as connected and as big a politician as Advani, the Rapists would find a way to quieten you.

I am not sure we are understanding our plight.  And, frankly, I am not even sure if India is any better than Libya or Iran or Belarus – dictatorship.  Where media is hand in glove (as shown by the Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi’s cases) with the politicians, where the politicians are Gang Raping us so openly, where we are happy with our FM radio in the morning and Vodka/Chicken Tikkas in the evening – one wonders if we should officially declare ourselves as mentally and intellectually insufficient of qualifying as citizens!  At least the Libyans are protesting.  We aren’t even doing that!

I take really strong exception to BJP as an opposition.  I believe they should dissolve right away!  They are the “strongest” opposition or so one thought.  Bringing the corruption out and hitting Congress hard for such PLUNDER was their duty.  In a democracy, opposition has a duty to the citizens to keep the Government of the day “honest”.  If they fail in that, then they fail themselves and the citizens.  They make a mockery of the democracy!.  They are as much a part of dictatorship in India as the dictator is.

And yes, we DO need to know who has how much money stashed in the Swiss banks.  So, Dr. Singh, quit your nicey Mr. Little Shoes act and get your ass on the line!!