Aussie Intolerance of Indian Migrants

Last updated on Jan 3, 2010

Posted on Jan 3, 2010

Yet another Indian immigrant – Nitin Garg – had been murdered in Melbourne, Australia.  He had emigrated from Punjab and had a Permanent Residence card.  He worked at Hungry Jack restaurant and somehow stumbled into it, after being stabbed just 300 meters away from it.

Now, this is yet another killing of Indians in a long series of targeted murders of Indians by the Aussies in Australia.  These incidents have gotten visibility at the highest levels and involvement from Prime Ministers of both the countries.  Yet, the trend continues.  This just shows that irrespective of the expressed desire of the Aussie government officials of stopping these killings and assurances to book the culprits, the public in some pockets is still not ready to jump on the multi-cultural world train.  The “red-necks” of Australia see that country as a white continent and have somehow felt that success of one migrant community threatens their “hold” over the economic bounty.

In all these incidents, or otherwise, one has not gotten any impression that Indians, as a community, are belligerant or aggressive or even prone to breaking law in that country.  So, targeting this one community, while leaving the others sounds a bit strange.  And this has been one question to which I have looking for an answer.  Why just Indians, and not Chinese or Filipinos??

Whatever the answer, Aussies will not be able to integrate into the world in an economic way if they continue to fall back in to the 19th century mindset.  That mindset was useful in a certain time period, but it cannot work in an interconnected world.  In today’s world, the most successful societies are those which are free and welcoming.

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