Aussie-sissies start whinning after losing to India: Cricket

Last updated on Nov 19, 2008

Posted on Nov 19, 2008

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There is something desperately wrong with the Australian cricket today!!  They lost a series so badly that they had never experienced in many decades.

So, what do the Aussies do?    Aussie-sissies go around bitching!  They just can’t take defeat so they start the blame game.. they blame everyone and calling names on their critics.

First Hayden went back to Australia and said India was a “Third World” country so they couldn’t play well!  Huh!  80% of all the money in the WORLD CRICKET is FROM India today.  India creates its own cricket world and ICC and the rest of these idiots would go into penury!

But back to this Hayden joker.  He claimed that the over rate in India was low because of the “third world issues” of sight-screen and crowd.

Pakistan’s Wasim Akram and Indian captain Dhoni has a few to say back to him:

Akram: “The thing about the Aussies is that they are sore losers. They get personal when they get beaten. It is all a matter of sour grapes and after going home, they’ve started calling India a third-world country”

Dhoni: The Australians have played all over the world and their over-rate has been slow all over the world”.

Now, Ricky Ponting goes on to spew some venom on Tony Greig and former Indian batsman Sunil Gavaskar

On Sunil Gavaskar: “I still have a vivid image of Sunil Gavaskar angrily trying to take his opening partner off the MCG with him in 1981 when he was given out lbw in a Test match, but to hear him today you’d think he was positively angelic when he was the best opening batsman in the world”

On Tony Greig: “The classic came when Tony Greig suggested that the batsmen of today should be walking to make it easier for the umpires. This was coming from a bloke who in his day made a virtue out of not walking.”

Now, I also VIVIDLY remember Sunil Gavaskar’s famous walk – and that was because of the useless and shameful umpiring from the Aussie umpires.

But the comments dont make sense.. is Ponting saying that just because Greig did not walk, so today’s Aussies are ok to sledge  and then complain when others do too??

That is the problem with those who get into the “habit” of winning.  They start to think that it is their “birth right”!

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