Ayodhya Verdict brings Moment of Truth for Moderate Muslims

Last updated on Oct 1, 2010

Posted on Oct 1, 2010


Muslim reactions on the Ayodhya verdict are very instructive.  This report is even more interesting because it is titled ‘Verdict makes me feel like a 2nd-class citizen”

Let us first listen to the so-called “Eminent Historian” Irfan Habib.  He says:

“It is improper (for the court) to accept the ASI report on the historical fact. Weight has been given to belief. One should be careful in historical facts,”

I will try to understand what he is saying, but be patient, because its not easy.  He first says its improper to accept the report of Archeological Survey of India.

And, pray, on what should one base one’s report on?  Gulshan Nanda’s novel?

Because that is precisely what these so-called “Eminent Historians” have been basing their Historical Fiction on!  If there was a damning exposure of what goes on in the name of “History” in India – by those who are touted as “Eminent Historians”; then this could be at the top!

The writer of the article further suggests that:

fears in the community that the right-wing Hindu fanatics may now start raising old issues of “liberation of Kashi and Mathura”

And, what is wrong with that?  If someone does protest those structures as direct violation of Human and Religious rights usurped by barbarians by loot and plunder; how is that person to be a “fanatic”?

Let’s get a couple of things straight: Babri Masjid, One, was a structure constructed AFTER demolition of a major temple; and two, if one were to take the very arguments about the “correct interpretation of Islam – and not Osama Bin Laden’s” – then it wasn’t even a mosque!

So, when Syeda Hameed, a member of the Planning Commission, gets all dramatic and Teary-eyed; one should ask her to clarify her stand on Islam.  Is she with the Osama/Terrorist interpretation of Islam or the “Real – ergo – Progressive Interpretation”?

For, if you believe that a structure constructed by a barbarian by demolition of a major temple was a Mosque – which explains why you are sad about the verdict being anti-Muslim, then you are a fundamentalist yourself, for Islam doesn’t (according to the progressive Muslims) allow destroying others’ places of worship.

And, if you, on the other hand, believe it wasn’t a Mosque, as the Justices asserted, because of how it was constructed, then it shouldn’t affect you in any way.  Right?  Well, wrong!  There is great value to “Self Righteous Double Speak” in India.  And recitation of this couplet is a good example of that:

“My sentiment about this judgment is in this couplet from Faiz. “Ye dil na umeed to nahi nakaam hi to hai, lambi hai gum ki sham magar sham hi to hai (The heart is despondent but not without hope, long is sorrows evening but its an evening after all).”

And that brings us to the comment about “liberation of Kashi and Mathura”.  If Islam really and honestly does not allow destroying others’ places of worship then the structures there are not really mosques!

So, the “Moderate Muslims” in India and around the world need to get their act together – and decide what Islam really allows and if the Mullahs are really “distorting” it, or if what the Mullahs and the Barbarians have done in the name of Islam the REAL and TRUE Islam.

You really can’t have it both the ways, guys!

You can either be a moderate and progressive Muslim and say destroying other’s place of worship and building mosque on it is against Islam and only the narrow agenda of the illiterate Mullahs.. or say its justified and be one with those “enemies of Islam”.

You cannot be sad at the judgment AND declare yourself as a “Moderate Muslim”.

Like Mehmood tells Kishore Kumar in Padosan in the song “Ek Chatur Naar…”

“Ghoda.. Chatur….. Ghoda.. Chatur.. Ya GHODA.. YA CHATUR.. EK baat bolne ka!  Chalo dubaaara se gao!!”

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