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Baba Ramdev Ramlila Assault: Supreme Court calls it “assault on Democracy”

This Government in India may be unique in many ways.  Specifically, the way Judiciary has had to step in to not just save democracy but even the country at times.

In its latest remarks in the Ramlila Grounds attack on Baba Ramdev, the two Judge bench was pretty severe.

“The present case is a glaring example of trust deficit between the people governing and the people to be governed. Greater confidence needs to be built between the authorities in power and the public at large”

They are basically saying that the Government has lost right to govern and has no locus standii to lead in the democracy – since it no longer represents the wishes and decisions of the people it governs.

To make it more clear, they further say:

“The action demonstrated the might of the state and was an assault on the very basic democratic values enshrined in our Constitution”

This is something that every citizen in the country should have learnt and appreciated stemming from the Baba Ramdev Attack – that their Constitutionally enshrined democratic rights have been trampled on.  Baba Ramdev – or later Anna Hazare – are not “some people out there”, but you!  If they, despite all the backing they got, were meted such a treatment because they dared to ask – imagine what awaits you when you are wronged.

And wronged you are.  Every Rupee that leaves the country to the Swiss Bank accounts of the corrupt, YOU are being plundered.  It is YOUR kids whose future is at stake.

Why isn’t that clear to the people in the country is beyond my imagination.  But somehow the people are ok with assaults on anyone as long as it is not their own family.  Well, this approach will be suicidal very shortly.

Reference link: Ramlila crackdown shows trust deficit between people & govt: Supreme Court