Bhima Koregaon : One Final Week To Navlakha & Teltumbde for Surrender by SC

Bhima Koregaon : One Final Week To Navlakha & Teltumbde for Surrender by SC

Despite the court order to surrender, the Bhima Koregaon accused – Gautam Navlakha and Anand Teltumbde – accused of the assassination plot against PM Modi have been given just one last week to surrender.  The honorable Supreme Court noted that they should have surrendered already.  And, so there will be no more extensions.

You can read more on this case on Navlakha here.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday granted one more week time to activists Gautam Navlakha & Anand Teltumbde to surrender in the case registered under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) alleging Maoist links in connection with Bhima Koregaon violence.  A bench comprising Justices Arun Mishra & Indira Banerjee made it clear that there will not be further extension of time. The bench observed that it expected the accused to surrender in compliance of the March 16 order of the Court.  (Source: Bhima Koregaon : SC Grants One More Week To Navlakha & Teltumbde To Surrender)

The court also shared that he courts in Mumbai are open.  So the accused could have surrendered.

Meanwhile, the accused lawyer tried to use the current  Corona situation as a way to wiggle out of the situation – which didn’t work.

“Going to prison during this time of Coronavirus is virtually a death sentence”

But the court acknowledged that the accused had “enjoyed the protection for long”, and they can no longer run away from the arrest.

The investigation of this case was taken over by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in February from Maharashtra Police.

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