Binge drinking amongst teen girls in India on the rise


Recently there was a news article that was quite disturbing. Three 17-year-old girls of KB Patel Gujarati Kanya Uchchatar Madhyamik Vidhyalaya in Indore were caught drinking Vodka from their water bottles.  The news came to light when one of the girls couldn’t handle the alcohol and vomitted.

The girls come from very conservative Gujarati families and the school is run by a conservative Gujarati Samaj.

The lure of alcohol for these small town girls from conservative background points to a trend that is sweeping world wide.  Increase in drinking amongst women.  Infact in many cases its not just drinking – its binge drinking.

As this Newsweek article shows, girls are not just drinking more these days, they are outstripping the boys.

New data released today from the Partnership for a Drug Free America suggest that not only are girls now drinking more than boys, they turn to drugs and alcohol for more serious reasons as well. The report, which analyzed results from the 2009 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study (PATS), a survey of teen attitudes and behaviors, shows that the number of middle- and high-school girls who say they drink has increased by 11 percent in the past year, from 53 percent to 59 percent. Boys have stayed at about the same level, hovering around 52 percent.

Note that the article says “middle school” and high school!  That’s very early.

Drinking alcohol isn’t such a great achievement that one has to emulate the other.  Enough accidents were done by male drivers who were drunk and couldn’t handle their drink.  Now these accidents by women drivers seem to be becoming more normal in India.

A lady in Mumbai killed a couple of people and injured 4 in Mumbai.

A woman driving allegedly under the influence of alcohol rammed her car into a police jeep and a bike, leaving an assistant sub-inspector and the biker dead and four constables seriously injured early on Saturday morning.
Nooriya Haveliwala (27), a beautician by profession, lost control over her car and hit the police jeep and bike at Marine Drive in south Mumbai, police said. The deceased were identified as Dinanath Shinde, an assistant sub inspector with the traffic police, and biker Afzal Kanojia (35), they said.

In another incident, this time in Delhi, a lady, allegedly drunk, rammed her car into an auto rickshaw and killed two.

In a shocking incident, a colonel’s wife returning from a mall late Saturday rammed her car into an auto rickshaw, killing two people on the spot and injuring two others in New Delhi.
…Though sources claimed that accused Nivedita Singh had consumed alcohol, senior police officials “refused to speculate” saying they were waiting the Medico Legal certificate (MLC) report.

Britain, where binge drinking amongst teen girls is very high, has been suffering.  But instead of looking at the reasons for why Girls take to drinking – and heavily at that – to their own detriment – the so called experts come up with rather nonsensical explanations:

Researchers have linked the rise in binge-drinking among teenage girls in the U.K. to an increase in their physical agression. Rather than addressing why young women are lashing out, experts say they just need to control themselves.
The British Association of Anger Management says it’s encountering more “out of control” young women who drink heavily and get into violent altercations, The Daily Mail reports. In the U.K., the number of women convicted of murder, assualt, and other attacks is up 81% since 1998.

Ostensibly, as per these smart experts, the girls are drinking more because they are physically more aggressive.

Masculine overpowers the Feminine

Masculine way of being – relating to survival instincts of the creation – such as power, aggression, violence, one-upmanship, etc have become more dominant than the feminine qualities of creation – beauty, art, compassion and love.

It is no more possible to succeed in this world with a dominant feminine self.  So, even women take to emulate men as opposed to being themselves and exploring their own femininity.

If this world was built by women from ground up – it probably would have been a different world with completely different criteria for success.  Unfortunately, masculine is more powerful physically and that is what defines the world today.  Subtlety is no longer a viable medium of expression.

If women remain women only in form and not in being, then this world will be poorer by the day.

Things that make men be the brutes they are – are not what need be adopted.  Rather, what makes men love and be compassionate is what needs to be accentuated.

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