Blast from the Past: TV Serials that were…

Last updated on Feb 22, 2009

Posted on Feb 22, 2009

Sometimes its exciting to remember old days and see what used to make us happy back then… and bring the entire family and often the entire naighborhood together!  Here is a nice collection of the serials that we all have enjoyed on Doordarshan and TV in general.  What do you think of these?  Which one was your favorite?

Mine all time favorite was Chanakya.  I think it was the first thing that made me think.  The other good one was Tamas and then Buniyaad.  Rest were ok, but not as good in quality as these were.  However, when I watch a serial today – with all the traps of songs and new technology.  The “action in triplicate” with the swoosh sounds – you know what I mean don’t you? – have made a mockery of any creativity that was still left by.  Oh, how I long for that old quality where people would do things out of their interest and love.. and even when they made money it was from a service which was useful and pleasing to one’s eyes and ears!

What do you think of today’s serials?  And which one has been your favorite?

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