Breaking out of a Vicious Circle of Difficulties in Life


A friend recently felt that she was in one of those periods of the life when it seemed nothing was coming together. It almost seems that everything is stuck. Nothing moves. And worse, you don’t even have any focus. You seem to be in status quo. Not happy with it, but not doing anything either. Probably because you don’t know what to do. There is are new avenues of your lives to be opened up, but there are commitments. There is a certain “configuration” of your life which disqualifies certain options or opportunities that you would like to go for but you can’t. Not because you really cannot or are incapable of, but because either you care for a larger set of people who need more care and support and your presence or because you don’t have enough wherewithal to take those things up.

Anywhich way it is a rather tough time and situation to be in. Astrologers in India interestingly have a name for every calamitous and happy time in your life. They have created blocks of such times and alignments and they rattle off those Buzz-words, whether you understand or not. Those buzzwords are used by every budding and experienced astrologer and based on whether its a happy or a sad alignment, those words either are halo-ed times (like “Raj-yog”) or feared (like “Sade-Satti” – a period of 7 years).

Irrespective of the names or whether they have any relations to astrological alignments or not, but we all have gone through the time when we thought we were in a “Vicious Circle”. Whether every area of your life was interconnected and all stuck into each other where nothing is moving. Although you are in “cruise mode” there is a distinct sense of depression that you cannot come out of.

So, how do you come out of it?

I am not an authority on these times or motivational science, but I can share my advise with you all.

In the vicious circle of all the issues that you are facing you feel like tackling all of them, but get frustrated because you cannot make headway, you needn’t hit at everything. The secret is find one “Weakest Link” that you can affect. Not all the links can be affected by your actions because they are dictated by actions and decisions of many other people. Find that ONE link which you can affect. That one weakest link. Which is mostly affected by you. Put all your energy to strike it with full force so you can break open.

As one link breaks, the entire circle vanishes. Displacing only one link is enough. So, remember in tough times you when the chips are down, you needn’t fight all the battles. You need to pick the right battles which go a long way in profound transformations in your life. Opening up new avenues by breaking free of current ones does that to you.

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