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Bridge Over Troubled Waters: How The Navy Monitors The Persian Gulf Area

The Indian Navy has for the first time deployed MARCOS (Marine Commandoes) on oil tankers and merchant vessels transiting through the Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman. Ten Indian-flagged vessels have been escorted through troubled waters to safety with two ships INS Chennai and INS Sunayna leading the operations. SNI visited the Navy’s IMAC ( Information Management and Analysis Centre) which co-habitats the IFC-IOR (Information Fusion Centre-Indian Ocean region) to bring you an inside look at the monitoring, collating and sharing of real-time data on white shipping.

Captain Harish Bahuguna, Director (IMAC & IFC-IOR) led us through the centre in Gurgaon for an inside look at the monitoring hub. He also explained the significance of the centres and how 16 countries and 13 maritime organisations are part of the Navy’s IMAC and IFC-IOR.
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