Buddhist monasteries save ancient Kashmir's painting heritage | Murals Of India | Benoy Behl

Buddhist monasteries save ancient Kashmir's painting heritage | Murals Of India | Benoy Behl

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Internationally acclaimed filmmaker, art historian and photographer Benoy Behl takes us on an inspiring journey through the centuries to the many exquisite ancient murals dotting the length and breadth of India and beyond. We are transported to the caves of Ajanta, Bagh, Badami, Ellora, Pitalkhora, Sittanavasal; the Kailasanatha temple at Kanchipuram, the Talagirisvara temple at Panamalai, the Brihadeeshvara temple at Thanjavur which houses the oldest surviving mural of Shiva as Nataraja, the Lepakshi temples, the Shivadwara temple at Chamba, the Viranchi Narayana temple at Buguda; the monasteries of Alchi in Ladakh and Nako in Kinnaur; the monuments of Fatehpur Sikri; the Mattancherry Palace at Kochi, the Amer Palace and many other lesser known locations not only in India but also in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Western Tibet and China.
Benoy Behl not only expounds on the details and techniques enumerated in the Chitra Sutra, the oldest known treatise on painting in the world but establishes without doubt that Indian Painting was, indeed, a continuous tradition of painting in India from the ancient times to the medieval.

Full talk: https://bit.ly/2YSmpCQ

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