Buy one Bride and Get a Virgin free if she runs away

Last updated on Aug 31, 2011

Posted on Aug 31, 2011

These days the Chinese are buying their wives from Vietnam.  Why? Because, just as in India, their Male/Female ratio is all lopsided.  So, Vietnamese women can be bought as wives if they pay $32,000.

But there is an issue.  While the merchandize from Walmart doesn’t walk, the Vietnamese women can.  And they walk away from their husbands, who can’t do much.  Who would want to be exposed being a buyer of a foreign bride who left him after he had paid such a huge amount?

As the Chinese companies learn the tricks of marketing from their American counterparts, they are coming out with some amazing deals.

Buy a wife for $32,000 and if she runs away, get a free Virgin girl from Vietnam in her place.

So, you won’t lose the money and the wife.  It might look hillarious, but it isn’t.  If one looks closely, it is the modern form of slavery!  And, it is set to grow in China and in other countries.  The day is not far when the Punjabi men not only get the labor from Bihar but also women, because the ratio in Punjab is so bad.

No matter what – when the sex ratio goes bad or the aftermath of that – ultimately its the woman who suffers.  First it starts with the killing of the girl child, and when there aren’t enough girls in that community, then girls in other, poorer communities become slaves and prostitutes!

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