Call on hold

Thank you for you patience
but all our girls are busy!
Juliet? she is not there
moreover, you cannot be choosy

You are a valued customer,
shortly someone will be with you
they are handling others now
will talk to you once through

One guiding the ignorant…
one seducing a prospect!
one listening to an intellect…
while one flirts with an idiot

Your call is important
so please be on line…
one should be free any moment
and you will find her fine…

Thank you for your patience
please continue to hold,
this call will be monitored
so resist from being too bold!

We ask you to hold..
your problem for a wee bit
till we find some one..
who will be a perfect fit

This call is also chargeable
for the complete duration…
we will sure speak some time,
unless you drop in frustration!

– DD

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