Catchup #4: Insightful Twitter Threads (Allocations, Vaccines, Hinduphobia, Neocolonialism, Coincidence)

Sharing Five insightful threads on Allocations, Vaccines Scam, US Hinduphobic Academia, Neocolonialism, and a story of Coincidences

Catchup #4: Insightful Twitter Threads (Allocations, Vaccines, Hinduphobia, Neocolonialism, Coincidence)
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“A faith that cannot survive collision with the truth is not worth many regrets.” ― Arthur C. Clarke, The Exploration of Space

1. Allocating Resources

The economic theory of allocations, specifically with respect to the government intervention follows a predictable logic.  

The optimal amount of regulation is that at which the marginal benefit and marginal cost are equal. There can be either too little regulation (MB exceeds MC) or too much regulation. The task is to decide wisely on the right amount.

This may or may not work truly.  An insightful thread on allocations and the need to bring in the government.

2. The Vaccine Scandal

Were theAmerican vaccines that good?  Or was the need to push them for astronomical profits the sole driver?

A thread on how Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines did not perform:

  • local tolerance tests
  • ecotoxocity/environmental risk tests
  • safety pharmacology studies
  • proper and enough tests on animals

Per this thread the administrators and the governments colluded with the pharma companies to push them.

3. Hinduphobic Academia

Hindu hatred is rampant across the American academia.  In fact, it is the most potently visible from the pens and media handles of the White privileged professors who gaslight Hindus and work to define their culture and heritage for them.  Without any voice.  A informative thread on Dean Accardi, Assistant Professor of History at Connecticut College

4. Neocolonialism by institutions

This is very long and detailed thread on how the neodolonial structures like the IMF were erected and how organizations like National Endowment for Democracy (NED) were used for creating control and get power.  One line showcases the rot and danger that is out there.

The US has conducted 400 total military interventions in its history—50% in the past 70 years and 25% in the past 30 years. The rate of new interventions doubled after 1990.

We have discussed the use of NED and USAID by the US establishment, specifically the CIA, in detail.

Drishtikone Newsletter #354: How US Media helps America Wage Wars Globally
Waging Wars - Covert and Overt - by the United States has a formula. Media backs the establishment in planning and execution. A detailed analysis of the various mechanisms and players

Read this thread and save it for future research.  We will at Drishtikone.

5. What are the odds?

Sometimes things happen that have the most impossible odds.  One harmless question in a rather strange situation can open up a whole new possibility.  Here is one beautiful story that will make you day!

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