Chanakya’s speech on how to keep Hinduism alive

Chanakya TV series was one of the best ever.  Many people I know still go back to it.  Chanakya was an inspiring personality in his own time and even now.  He brought the nation of India together in a way that no one had done before him or later.  He looked at the idea of India as one whole.  And that concept of India was predicated on what was Sanatan Dharma.  Something that is today – after the invasions of religious invaders – known as Hinduism.  The reason Hindus can have their own paths and yet remain together without contradiction is because the aim is Truth, not the path.  As long as there is commitment to the pursuit of Truth, the rest doesn’t matter.  Not even the most profound differences of path.

And, that is the defining feature of Hinduism.  One can see the frustration and the questioning that goes around in the “Hindu Circles” around the world.  And that is why this answer from Chanakya is so important.  It goes to the core of it all.

Be committed to Truth.

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