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Chandigarh’s Class 9 boy’s doodle to adorn Google India’s page today (Nov 14 ’12)

Today’s doodle on Google’s India page is an entry by a Chandigarh school boy, Class 9th of Kendriya Vidyalaya – Arun Kumar Yadav.  The doodle has been titled  “A Prism of Multiplicity” and shows a soccer player, a kathakali dancer, gold jewellery, a peacock, a farmer and flowers – to demonstrate the diversity of India.

Arun’s entry won the Doodle4Google contest, out of 200,000 submissions from 60 Indian cities.

Google’s site says the following of his entry:

India has diverse cultures, religions, languages, customs and traditions. This diversity can be witnessed in enthusiasm for sports; unique folk culture; extraordinary remarkable handicrafts; wide range of flora and fauna; agricultural practices with worldwide farming output; unparalleled spices and cuisines… Such colossal diversities represent Indias oneness.

Here is the entry that you will see for 24 hours today on November 14th, Children’s Day.

India – A prism of multiplicity by Arun Kumar Yadav