Cheteshwar Pujara is the new Rock, Scores yet another century!

Cheteshwar Pujara is the new Rock, Scores yet another century!

After Rahul Dravid, India needed a backbone that could stand as a wall, no matter what the power of the storm.  Cheteshwar Pujara is now performing that role.

Batting is like meditation Cheteshwar Pujara in Melbourne test, 2018-19

His form has been sublime and he is enjoying his game, although the bowlers have not.  Interesting this is that the Australians had done all the planning for countering Virat Kohli and his game.  They just totally forgot about Pujara.  And he has been one heck of a thorn in their side!

Pujara is one of those players who has played 4 innings while facing over 200 balls per innings.  A 200 ball innings means that the batsman just himself faced at least 33 overs.

Chart from ESPNcricinfo
pujara 200 ball

And its not as if Pujara has just been standing there and playing defensive, as Ricky Ponting was alleging in the last match.  He has been the highest run scorer by a wide margin for India in the last two series!

Chart from ESPNCricinfo
pujara-most runs

And Aussies do know that when Pujara is on crease it is a fight of patience.

“He [Pujara] is a class player. We just have to hold our patience longer than him and we haven’t done that so far,” JR Hazlewood, Aussie Fast Bowler

Hazlewood acknowledged that in this battle of wits, Cheteshwar Pujara was besting the Aussie bowlers all the time.

And, that is the job of an opener in a Test match.  To wear down the fast bowlers no matter what their pace, line or length.  And despite the body blows, as Pujara got one today on his shoulder by Starc, he did what was needed of him.

Meanwhile Hanuma Vihari has been a great find for India as an all-rounder.  He is not just scoring runs but doing so at a good pace and improving by the game!  Also, he has turned out to be a useful off-spinner as well!

“If it was booing then it’s absolutely disgraceful,” Ricky Ponting on Channel 7

Meanwhile, showing their desperation at the bad performance of their home team and betraying their urge to sledge at the successful captain from India, the crowd at the Sydney cricket stadium booed as Kohli walked in to bat.  Something that a lot of Aussies have denounced and felt shameful of.

And, this needs to change in the fans, if the visitors are to be welcomed.  Your own home team is not always at the top.  Ups and downs are part of sports.  What matters is the sportsmanship.

Now watch the first day’s highlights!

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