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A very unusual Cricket link between Swami Vivekananda and Mohammad Shami

Swami Vivekananda achieved a lot in his short life.  He not only set the foundation for the creation of Indian Institute of Science in his meeting with Jamsetji Tata [] , but also inspired John Rockefeller [] to start the first business charity

09 Feb 20 2 min read

Why Sachin Tendulkar was the Greatest Indian Batsman

As he walked out in the first innings of the final test against Australia in the 2003-04 series, Sachin Tendulkar had a stream of bad scores behind him – 0, 1, 37, 0 and 44. Ironically, his famous, almost legendary cover drive, had become his Achilles Heel. He had suddenly gotten

13 Jul 19 7 min read

How has Virat Kohli changed the Indian team?

It has just been two years, when India lost to Pakistan by 180 runs in the Champions Trophy finals at “The Oval” ground on June 18, 2017.  And two years hence, now, in the 2019 World Cup match, India beat Pakistan by 89 runs at Old Trafford on June 16,

19 Jun 19 3 min read

My Favorite All-time Top 10 Spin Bowlers in Cricket

Generally in cricket the fast bowlers take all the spotlight. But the real craft of thinking bowling is practised by the spinners. Bowling at slower speeds, spinners have their fingers and wrists to do the talking. They need to use the flight, the pitching and the spin of the bowl

21 Jul 15 3 min read

How Kung Fu originated from Martial Arts practices of Hinduism

Bodhidharma was a South Indian prince who became a Monk and went to China over 1500 years ago.  He taught ways to strengthen one’s body through certain intense exercises.  These exercises and regimen arose from his knowledge and understanding of Indian martial arts – including Kalaripayattu. This documentary illustrates some

04 Feb 13 1 min read

Hockey India League starts off on a promising note

Hockey India League is a professional league for field hockey competition in India. It is organised by Hockey India. Each HIL franchise has 24 players which include 10 foreign and 14 Indian players.   The players were acquired in an auction which was held on 16 December. A total of 246

15 Jan 13 3 min read

Kevin Pietersen wants Indian Win inscribed on his Arm

Kevin Pietersen wants to add the India win on his arm tattoo. > Does 2012 deserve a spot on my arm? Ashes 05, 09, 10/11 & World T20 on already.. Winning in India surely does guys????… [] — Kevin Pietersen (@kevinpp24) December 19, 2012 [https:

19 Dec 12 1 min read

Cricket India’s Financial impact on the Cricket World

The importance of India in world cricket is underscored by how presence of India helps the financial state of other countries’ cricket boards.  One line at the end of an article [] in Sydney Morning Herald on Cricket Australia’s operating results

26 Oct 12 2 min read

5 years Post Brawl Ban for Shah Rukh Khan from Wankhede

After Wednesday brawl between Shah Rukh Khan and the Security personnel at the Wankhede Stadium, the Mumbai Cricket Association has slapped a 5 year ban on SRK and barred him from entering the stadium. > “The managing committee of MCA condemns the behavior of Shah Rukh Khan,”MCA President Vilasrao Deshmukh

20 May 12 2 min read

Sachin or Pranab, India lost in both cases!

Sachin TendulkarIn a country, where media and the people are divided – which is a greater news – Sachin Tendulkar’s losing century or India’s losing century via another idiotic budget, which pushes the economy in a greater inflationary spiral, the day must have been extraordinary. Rajdeep Sardesai is lucky (see

17 Mar 12 2 min read

Why Greg Chappell is horribly wrong about Indian Culture!

Greg ChappellGreg Chappell, the former Australian cricket captain and the ex-Indian coach made some stinging remarks against Indian culture and Indians.  As per him, Indians just cannot be leaders. > “The (Indian) culture is very different, it’s not a team culture. They lack leaders in the team because they are

12 Mar 12 5 min read

Lance Armstrong sends a message of inspiration to Yuvraj

Yuvraj Singh, who has a tumor between his lungs and is battling with cancer, got inspiration from Lance Armstrong himself!  Armstrong wished him a speedy recovery and gave him hope as he stood behind the Indian All arounder. Indeed, a great gesture from a great man. > “Message from @lancearmstrong makes

15 Feb 12 1 min read

India suffers complete cricket humiliation

Ishant Sharma out and series wrapped!Surely, this must be one heck of a humiliation for the Indian team, as they lose a Test match in just two-and-half days to Australia heading to a straight 3-nil loss.  With two consecutive innings losses, the humiliation is complete. Somehow, the famed Indian

15 Jan 12 1 min read

Where were you during the 1983 Cricket World Cup Finals?

This is the third time that India has reached the Cricket World Cup finals.  The record of the team is split.  First time in 1983, it won close but won a tournament that went on to change the history of the Indian cricket – and probably the world cricket.  Second time

02 Apr 11 2 min read

Are Cricket Umpires Racist?

A study on bias in cricket is long overdue. The  sport is data rich – names of bowlers, batsmen and umpires are readily  available. Crunch all that data and it won’t be hard to figure out if umpires  are handing down tricky decisions based on race, colour and country. International

13 Mar 11 4 min read

Sachin Tendulkar – Why he is the God of Cricket!

There was a time in India in early 1990s when Nirma detergents had suddenly took over the nation.  The incumbent soaps and detergents leader Hindustan Lever was suddenly beaten up.  And at that time, the business news pundits were proclaiming – “Nirma has beaten HLL”.  That left me wondering.  Hindustan Lever

13 Jan 11 3 min read

CommonWealth Games: Future of India Depends on our Gaze!

The Commonwealth Games are over.  Despite all the distraction before the Games, the Indian athletes have done us proud.  Even the Hockey team, which is usually hit badly by the press and the people, did us proud despite their final loss of 0-8 at the hands of those darn good

14 Oct 10 3 min read

Very Very Special Laxman Innings Yet Again!

Peter Roebuck waxed eloquently [] about the Indian victory over Australia in the First match in his article in Sydney Herald: > Emotions were pitched high. Elephants danced in stomachs as every ball was bowled and a roar greeted every pinched single. Laughter

06 Oct 10 2 min read

ApPAULing Octopussies

Paul, the Octopus is on a tear.  He has had a near perfect record of predicting this year’s World Cup soccer matches.  Obsession with Paulie started in Germany as he was commissioned to help the hapless Germans get some self confidence back after the listless performances initially. One after

12 Jul 10 3 min read

India's sports and our voyeuristic sense of worship

We can endure anything from our celeb Gods.  We find our voyeuristic dreams being lived through them.  You hurt them.. you hurt our sense of being.  We are the spectators of our own caricature and we are proud of it! > They would hang around, chat, have a drink, pick up

27 Jun 10 2 min read

World Cup Soccer Mania in the US

This year’s World Cup soccer has been very successful in the US, based simply on the interest it has generated within the normal American public.  I have never seen Americans discussing soccer the way I have seen during the world cup. Many Americans have become too interested in the

22 Jun 10 2 min read

Sania Mirza's marriage woes

There is a saying = “Begaani Shaadi mein Abdullah Deewana” (some one is getting excited at someone else’s marriage).  That is what this story is about! Shoaib Malik is an ex-Pakistani Captain.  Although he is a good cricketer, but cricket is not why he has recently gotten into limelight. Its

06 Apr 10 3 min read

Tiger Wood true to his Name!!

Tiger’s penis is much revered as an aphrodisiac in China, Taiwan and South Korea.  One of the slangs for penis is “Wood”.  That should have been a BIG giveaway for the top golfer’s wife!  If you marry someone who has been NAMED after mythically most powerful aphrodisiac in

14 Dec 09 2 min read

Sania Mirza Engagement Pictures

Sania Mirza got engaged with her childhood friend and industrialist, Mohammed Shorab Mirza at the Taj Krishna Hotel in Hyderabad on Friday.  It was an exclusive, by-invitation only function.  She got a ring with a solitaire and was dressed in Shantanu & Nikhil, Swarovski-studded ghagra.

12 Jul 09 1 min read

India win Azlan Shah Title

India finally won a Hockey Title as they beat Malaysia 3-1 in the 18th Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in Ipoh on Sunday.  Arjun Halappa (8th minute), Prabhjot Singh (20th) and Shivender Singh (41st) scored for India while Misron (11th) scored for Malaysians. This title has come after 13 years.  Last

12 Apr 09 1 min read

India beats Pak and Enters Final of Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey

Shivendra singh from India, center, battles for control for the ball with Ashraf Zeeshan from Pakistan in front of Pakistan’s goalkeeper Ahmed Nasir during a Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey semi final match in Ipoh, Northern state of Perak , 200 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur, Saturday, April 11, 2009. India won

11 Apr 09 1 min read

Sania Mirza in Dubai

Sania Mirza is a celebrity.  She has accomplished a lot if you look at it from the standpoint of a girl from India trying to make a mark in the tennis world.  But from the global standards, she is still far behind.  In any case, here are her pictures from

18 Feb 09 1 min read

Rural Olympics: Animals and Men challenge each other

In 1933. Philanthropist Inder Singh Grewal started an annual recreational meet, where farmers from areas surrounding Kila Raipur could get together and test their corporal endurance. The idea gave birth to Kila Raipur Sports, the undisputed “Rural Olympics”. Kila Raipur Sports Festival held in February every year in Ludhiana, Punjab

13 Feb 09 1 min read

Usain Bolts to a world record in 100 mtrs!

He just started off somewhere mid way.  After that it was not a race anywhere!  Certainly not something that you see in the Olympics.  And absolutely NOT in the 100m races!  But Usain Bolt (from Jamaica).. well.. just bolted to finish from mid-way in a world record of 9.69

16 Aug 08 1 min read

Unbelievable Badminton rally

What an amazing rally!  It seems these guys don’t miss anything! I completely lost count of the smashes that were easily returned by the Chinese team… just take a look.

11 Aug 08 1 min read

The Great Gama: Wrestler par excellence

Growing up in India and Pakistan, I am sure most kids would have heard of Gama Pehlvaan – specifically in North India. Who was he? Have you wondered? I did. I finally got something about this guy from an interesting blog of a Zakintosh [

04 Jul 08 4 min read

Dont use the "O" word in England!

If you have anything planned for 2012 and want to convey it in England… you better watch out! That year is copyrighted and you could be prosecuted! Words like “Olympics”, “London 2012” and even “2012” are copyrighted! It can’t get more ridiculous than this .. can it? > In fact, the

10 Oct 07 1 min read

Indian hockey team wins Asia Cup, 2007!

Is it the Chak De India effect?  It has been a while since India has won a tournament so emphatically!  In the recently concluded Asia Cup 2007, India not only equalled a record by defeating Sri Lanka [] by 20 – 0 , it even won

10 Sep 07 1 min read

Sania Mirza and golden moments of India Tennis.

Today is the day to talk Indian sports.  So, lets congratulate the rare women’s tennis player from India – Sania Mirza.  She is not just a tennis player but a youth icon.  She just moved into the second round of US open beating Kaia Kanepi of Estonia 6-2, 6-7 (5/

30 Aug 07 2 min read

Mahatama Gandhi was a National Level Athelete!!

Did you know that Mahatama Gandhi was an athlete?  That he was participating in the Indian National Games for 20 km walk event as late as February 2007?  The Indian Olympic Association President has even issued the late Mahatama Gandhi a certificate of participation for the event! Amazing these days

29 Jun 07 1 min read

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