How a High School Basketball player helped a disabled opponent play his greatest moment!

Some moments in a game are to die for.   Those moments distinguish just players from Sportsmen.   This was one such moment.

Mitchell Marcus is a team manager for Coronado High’s basketball team in El Paso, Texas and he has a developmental disability.   He loved a basketball since he was a kid.   But could never play in a real game.   In the last game of the season, his coach decided to bring him in in the last moments.   No matter what the score.

As Mitchell came in .. in his jersey, his name was being chanted everywhere. To him, it probably felt like he was stepping out onto the centre court at the STAPLES Center in the NBA Finals to determine the Championship. The way the crowd was chanting his name, you’d expect them to buy his jersey from somewhere like Buy Side Sports instead of wearing the jerseys of their own personal heroes. Everyone was behind him, and there probably wasn’t a dry eye in the house. It was a truly special moment.
Many balls were passed but none went into the basket.   As the last minute was left, something totally unexpected happened.   The rival player Jonathon Montanez, called out Mitchell’s name and threw the ball at him.   Mitchell caught the ball, dribbled, turned around, and threw a layup.   Neat basket!   The crowd went beserk!

Mitchell’s mom now says – “I think I’ll cry about it for the rest of my life.”   Jordan may be the best basketball player, but Jonathan is probably one of the best Sportsmen I have seen.

Featured Image Credit: Kevin DooleyEnhanced by Zemanta

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