Chidu back in action as he clinches Jet and Etihad “deal”

Etihad and Jet Airways went to meet Chidambaram for discussions, and came back happy saying they were close to “clinching the deal”.

Chidambaram, you see, has been itching to get back into his business after the exploits of 2G scam.  Allowing Telenor and Etisalat (front for Dawood Ibrahim’s organization) wasn’t easy, but then the pay offs made it all simple.  After all the arrests and his deft handling of Subramanian Swamy’s strong attempt at nailing him, Chidambaram is now free.  After all, how much can you keep jumping on Dollar-filled mattresses?  Or do pillow fights with your kids with dollars flying around?

You need more dollars eventually.  And as Etihad CEO James Hogan exclaimed – the meetings were great and the deal can be clinched now.

Media is all abuzz – Etihad acquisition “deal” is all set to go.  And, our Chidu-ji can’t stop laughing.  He was seen rolling over on the floor in complete rapture.  As he suddenly looks up from his glasses, pulls them down and winks “Yanna!!  The real deal, was behind the airline deal.  Mind it!!”  And continues his rolling performance.

India’s national carrier in the coming years will be Etihad.   How long can IA and AI keep flying shabby buses painted as planes in the air.  Someday they would need to get some real planes and kits, which they don’t have.  So, their days are numbered.  But maybe not.  Indians have a great sense of “making do” with the Jugads.  These so-called planes can ply… err fly, for a little longer.

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