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China, Al Qaeda, Islamic terrorists, Pakistani Army – a mess unravelling

World of terrorism knows no friends.  And it is crazy as hell!

Ok, figure this out:

China has virtually provided the nuclear and missile arms for Pakistan.  Pakistan – through ISI and Army – has used Al Qaeda and other connected terrorist organizations to create a global monster.  It has trained several to die in a religious war that seeks to create a society that they think they want.

The Pakistan, on the other hand, in response to getting the brownie points have tried to play US’ game for them.  Right from introducing Kissinger to China to fighting their Afghan War against the Soviets.  The fighters from the Afghan War became Pakistan’s force without the responsibility.  It could plug-in and plug-out and do what it pleased.  (For example, Saeed Sheikh, Daniel Pearl’s killer was ordered by Lt. General Mohd. Ahmad, second to General Musharraf in Pakistani Army, to wire USD 100k before 9-11).

Now, the Al Qaeda/Taliban/ISI/Pak Army combine is a machine which works on an ideological basis.  So, here come Uijhurs of Xinjiang province in China.  China can do what it feels helps it internationally for “Muslim Countries” but internally it does not really care for Minorities anyways!  So, the Xinjiang province is a thorn in the skin of China.

Now, just as Chechens are fighting, so are Uijhurs.  But as Chechens and other Muslim separatists have a legendary status in the Al-Qaeda folk lore, Uijhurs have had rather subdued help and support.  But help they do.

As the Beijing Olympics approached, plans were made to disrupt it through terrorism by Uijhur terrorists trained by Al Qaeda.  They have asked the Muslims in China to avoid the cars, planes, buses etc.. in short whatever the Chinese take.  The 6-minute video is made by Turkistan Islamic Party which is fighting for independence from China.

Here is the rub, the militants are based in Pakistan – just across the border.

And to show that this threat is just not any drama – they have done some damage as well.

Bomb blasts: a series of bomb blasts occured in Kuqa county of Xinjiang province.  2 people died and many more may die later.
Truck Attack: On August 4, two Islamic militants rammed a truck into a group of Chinese border guards and lobbed grenades killing 16 and injuring equal number.  This happened in Kashgar, a tourist city.

Now, China, which was happy to USE Pakistan and its Islamic terror infrastructure to its advantage will suddenly need to worry about their own interests!  How will it affect the Pakistan-China relations?  That is for time to tell.  I don’t feel anything will happen in the short or mid-term.. but in the long term, the Islamic faction within Pakistan will insist on more open support to Uijhurs – just like Chechens…. and also seek “independence” from the Chinese influence, while letting the Pakistani diplomats fight their own battles …. and the common man to face the fall-out.

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