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Contrary to all beliefs, India is being attacked by China as we speak!

This is not just the age of Nuclear or bomb warfare but intellectual and computer (internet) warfare.  And China is doing all it can to hit India where it can!  Attacks on National Infomatics Center (NIC) – which was really targeted at National Security Council and Ministry of External Affairs were recorded in the last few months.

Several other sites are targeted regularly.

Its not as if India cannot do such damage – it can.. the only issue is that our IT folks in the Government babudom are severely underpaid and the private hackers do not really get into all this as yet.  The Chinese hackers – ostensibly backed by their Government – are very active and vicious.  And Chinese have really mastered the way to handle the accessibility to the internet in their country thanks to their zeal with censorship.  Still, their defenses are not that great.

All it will take is an informal relationship between private hackers and the Government of India to call an offensive.  Currently, India can, at best, deflect the attacks – but it needs an offensive strategy as well – like any good team!

If you think this game of attacks is a harmless one THINK AGAIN!!

Exactly a year ago, Indian computer security experts got a glimpse of what could happen when a targeted attack against Estonia shut that country down — it was done by one million computers from different parts of the world — and many of them were from India! That, officials said, was executed by cyber terrorists from Russia, who are deemed to be more deadlier.

So, with a country that is into electronic voting etc, this can be deadlier than a Nuke attack in terms of sovereignity and defense!!

Any desi hackers out there listening?  😉