China beats US to become World’s Largest Smart Device Market

China has over-taken US as the largest Smart Device market in the world!  What that means is that the future entrants in the market will have to have a “China Model of Smart Device”.

Just days into the Chinese New Year (Year of the “Snake” for anyone keeping track), China has passed the U.S. to become the world’s top country for active Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. This historic milestone takes place a year after Flurry first reported that China had become the world’s fastest growing smart device market. Since then, it took China’s rapidly growing middle class just twelve months to close the gap on the U.S.

The chart shows it very clearly.

It is clear that US cannot wrest the lead back from China now.  It is out and out the winner from here onwards.  The only country which has the population and the wherewithal to catch up and go past China is India.  But given the size of India’s Smartphone market, it will take ages.  Look at the chart:

India is just 19 million vs 222 million for China!  There is no comparison as of now.

Image from Flurry Blog

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