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CIA, Dalai Lama and the Chinese threats

Richard Bennett discusses in an article on how the Tibetans have been funded and backed by the CIA and the Indian intelligence to fight the Chinese all these years.  Benett is a intelligence and security consultant,  AFI Research.

Kenneth Conboy and James Morrison in their book The CIA’s Secret War in Tibet  disclose that the CIA and the Indian intelligence services cooperated in the training and equipping of Tibetan agents and special forces troops and in forming joint aerial and intelligence units such as the Aviation Research Center and Special Center.

According to him, its a war that has continued since the 60’s by proxy.  The US has reassessed the positions post 9-11 to see how China fits in the new world and how it can use the TIbetans to fight their war.  According to Bennett, Dalai Lama has been a CIA operative for many years.

All this may be true.  But my only spanner in this work is – if indeed two strong intelligence units have been backing Tibetans, then they have precious little to show for it!  China has virtually played with the TIbetans at will.  They kill them, execute then Nazi style as and when they want.

In fact, if anything THEY have used others for their proxy war.  The Maoists in Nepal, Pakistani Army and Burma have been used profitably by the Chinese against India.

What goes on in public domain and for public consumption is many times not true reflection of the sentiments of the Governments.  For example, Pakistan’s Government has all these years sworn by their Kashmir brethren, but had no qualms in handing over a substantial part of Kashmir land in its hand to China for their own benefit (large part of POK given to China)

Politics is not about emotions, but power and money.

Personally, I believe that India should (and HAS to) help the Tibetans.  The noises coming out of Beijing are unnecessarily jingoistic and shrill.  These kind of high handed threats and warnings maybe fine for their own countrypeople who have no other Government to deal with, but I think beyond a point, this behavior moves out of the region of “irksome” to “inflammatory”.

As for the threats to the world currently, although McCain – the presidential nominee from the Republican side – says that radical Islam is the Central threat to the world, I believe that Chinese threat is even bigger and intertwined with the Islamic threat.  One of the clearest example of how Pakistan’s war plans – specially where the top Army and intelligence is involved were hatched with connivance and support of China was clearly demonstrated in the presence of Musharraf in Beijing at the height of Kargil and his phone call (Dawn . Story of the Beijing hotel tapes).

Given how China has infiltrated the economic markets with its goods and has and will use it for subversive activities in future (read “The Coming China Wars”), it is in a position to force things on the world economically.  The country that will bear the largest brunt of this economic war fare will be the US.  The repurcussions however will ripple through the world!