Cognizant replaces Apple in the Top 10 Happiest Companies in the US

BusinessWire has come out with a list of 100 “Happiest Companies in America” after thousands of independent employee reviews and analysis of hundreds of companies.  These companies are dedicated to creating a happy work environment with many of them making use of things like conflict management, work from home opportunities and just general work perks.

This year, for the first time Apple has slipped out of Top 10, and Cognizant has made its way in.


The most happy company is Pfizer followed by two Government organizations – NASA and US Department of Defense and then KBR – another defense related company, followed by Cisco Systems.  You can go here to get the full list.

Is Cognizant’s dream run OVER?

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America’s Happiest Companies

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Cognizant to acquire 6 German cos

Cognizant to acquire six cos of Germany’s C1 Group

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