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Biased Google searches – nay bigoted – are a reality!

Google searches are the world’s window to knowledge and information.  If that window is tinted in a certain color and prejudice then the world will be judged and seen differently. Khilji example – Biased Google Searches or outright bigotry? I recently wrote an article on Alauddin Khilji [https://www.drishtikone.

17 May 20 4 min read

When everything fails on Earth…

The planet’s largest companies today are the technology companies.  Everything is based on technology and networks.  From your banks to education to jobs to even basic food being delivered now.  In fact, the Internet of Things is making everything web-based and driven via internet actions.  Everything – and everyone (at

11 Sep 15 3 min read

My Smartphone Journey: From Donut to Lollipop!

Way back late in 2007 I had this excellent Nokia phone – the Nokia Classic 3110.  It was a black phone with the QWERTY keyboard and a nice bright screen.  The two features I loved were – the camera and the music functionality.  In those small cell phones of yonder, these were

17 Mar 15 2 min read

Google Play movies now available in India; but pricing sucks!

You can now rent movies in Indian and Mexico via Google Play.  Either through web or through your smartphone.  Interestingly, this coincides with the launch of Nexus 7 [] in India. > Google has started selling [] its Nexus

28 Mar 13 2 min read

Google to earn $5 billion from its ads on Tablets!

This confirms what we have been discussing earlier.  How Google works and what its strategy is pointing to in terms of revenue earning. > Google []‘s ads are everywhere [] , but new data [

14 Feb 13 2 min read
Health & Medicine

Universe is like a Giant Brain

A news study says that Universe is a giant brain. > According to a study published in Nature’s Scientific Reports, the universe may be growing in the same way as a giant brain – with the electrical firing between brain cells ‘mirrored’ by the shape of expanding galaxies. > The results of

18 Jan 13 2 min read

Cognizant replaces Apple in the Top 10 Happiest Companies in the US

BusinessWire has come out with a list of 100 “Happiest Companies in America” after thousands of independent employee reviews and analysis of hundreds of companies.  These companies are dedicated to creating a happy work environment with many of them making use of things like conflict management [

25 Dec 12 2 min read

Windows real share of Total Computing OS is only 20%!

Thank you!  Thanks, Goldman Sachs for saying something that I have been saying for long.  Computing has to be viewed by including smartphones as well!  Because you know what?Tomorrow’ Computers will be based on Today’s Smartphones and NOT on today’s PC! The sooner the hardware and software

13 Dec 12 3 min read

Google brings the Great Online Shopping Festival to India

Google [] has partnered with more than 50 retailers (Including Flipkart [] and snapdeal) to plan for an online shopping [] bonanza called “The Great Online Shopping Festival []“.  It is the Indian equivalent of Cybermonday

07 Dec 12 2 min read

Is Social Media really worth the money for businesses?

JC Kendall makes an interesting point [] in his article on the impact of Social Media on sales of the businesses.  He says the impact is negligible. > On this recent 2012 Black Friday, Online Sales grew 20.7% from last year.  Online Sales on Cyber

03 Dec 12 3 min read

Is Google already testing its Android 5.0 version Key Lime Pie?

Google’s 4.2 version of Android Jelly Beans has just become official, and it is already getting ready to unveil its next version – 5.0 Key Lime Pie. In fact the rumor is that [] one device may be testing it as we speak: Sony

28 Nov 12 1 min read

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