My Smartphone Journey: From Donut to Lollipop!

Way back late in 2007 I had this excellent Nokia phone – the Nokia Classic 3110.  It was a black phone with the QWERTY keyboard and a nice bright screen.  The two features I loved were – the camera and the music functionality.  In those small cell phones of yonder, these were just not there.  I would take great pictures when I would travel to my client sites.  I still remember shooting Mount Rainier while on my flight to Seattle.  It came out stunning!  You can have a look at the beauty of the mountain in the gallery below.

[FinalTilesGallery id=’1′]

It was a great phone and I was extremely happy for over two years.  And then in late 2009, when the iPhone had already been such a success and the HTC Dream with Android had also been launched in 2008, with Android somewhat stable (it ran Android Donut ver 1.6), Google’s G1 was launched.  It was in partnership with my services carrier and I wanted to give it a try.  Its specs – in those times – were amazing!  But I waited until 2009 before I decided to go for it.  Here are the specs it had.

G1 Features
G1 Features

It was one heck of a phone for someone who had graduated from a Nokia.  I quickly configured it along the Google functionalities.  I had a Grandcentral number – which Google bought and made its “Google Voice”.  So I integrated Google Voice, Gmail, Phone’s voicemail and all the other stuff that Google offered including its Google Photos.  It was just fantastic!

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G1 phone
G1 phone

The best thing was its extendable QWERTY keyboard.  Even though it was a touch screen, I still had the advantage of using a key board like I always had – the physical keyboard.  Sorta like a compromise and a good one, where I would quickly move from the keyboard to the touchscreen and back.  Given the small Nokia color screen, this screen (all of 3.2 inches) was huge!  Of course, later on my favorite phone happened to be Samsung Note II.  How things change, don’t they?

My world of phones revolves around just the Android types.  I have no urge or wish to go with iPhone or Windows.


I am happy being immersed in Google all the way.  I have tried Samsung and have a Lenovo now (which runs on Kit-Kat).  One family of phones that I would like to try sometime in future is the Motorola set of phones.  It has come out with one model which seems like a great combination of “Good Price point” and great features!  Moto E runs on Android Lollipop and there is very little tweaking of the raw Android OS.  It comes with two cameras.  For the kids, the best feature it has is the colorful bands.  That one feature makes me think it would be a perfect gift for my daughter.  She would love to switch between the different color bands when she likes.  Plus, like me she is an Android phone fan as well!


Image Source: Flickr

G1 Image source

Moto E Image Source

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