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My Smartphone Journey: From Donut to Lollipop!

Way back late in 2007 I had this excellent Nokia phone – the Nokia Classic 3110.  It was a black phone with the QWERTY keyboard and a nice bright screen.  The two features I loved were – the camera and the music functionality.  In those small cell phones of yonder, these were

17 Mar 15 2 min read

Samsung launches a new mobile OS: Tizen

As Firefox enters the market for smartphones OS, there are more entering the fray as well.  Now, Samsung has come out with Tizen.  LG recently bought WebOS from HP as well, albeit purportedly for their TVs. Tizen builds on MeeGo and LiMo to create a new experience OS for Mobile.

28 Feb 13 2 min read

Android vs iPhone’s iOS is Windows vs Mac OS all over again!

iPhone was the first real smartphone in the world and extremely user friendly.  The Geeks and the tech-lovers have until now been swooning over every new version.  Those who love the breakaway technical excellence know that iPhones have been the winners. But, recently Android has gained 75% market share [http:

23 Jan 13 2 min read

Windows real share of Total Computing OS is only 20%!

Thank you!  Thanks, Goldman Sachs for saying something that I have been saying for long.  Computing has to be viewed by including smartphones as well!  Because you know what?Tomorrow’ Computers will be based on Today’s Smartphones and NOT on today’s PC! The sooner the hardware and software

13 Dec 12 3 min read

Android is the Clear King of the Smartphones Market

Here are two tables [] which tell the story of smartphones market share – specially in case of Operating systems.  This assumes importance since Microsoft has come out with its new Operating System called Windows 8.  Many proclaim it

02 Nov 12 1 min read

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