Google hiring Developers for iOS apps, upping the ante for Google Apps on Apple’s platform

As the battle between Apple and Google rages, Google is engaged in a strategy that is strange, effective and very profitable (Now, why the heck did Google make iPhone the Best Smartphone on Planet by releasing the Maps??).  It is trying to own the iOS (Apple OS) space by creating apps for the Apple platform.

Google’s iOS apps are not just driving iPhone and iPad users to use Google services instead of Apple’s; they are increasingly an important aspect of the iOS experience for a large amount of users. Sixty-one percent of iOS users in our own polls said they were hesitant to even update to iOS 6 because of Apple’s new Maps app, many of which are still waiting for a standalone Google Maps app that Apple has yet to approve. Some say the Maps fiasco coupled with Siri might have even led to the departure of long-time iOS chief Scott Forstall, which many think could result in a new direction for iOS. What this means for Google’s presence on iOS going forward remains to be seen, but Apple does not appear to be ignoring the control Google’s apps have over its users. (link)

And it is not as if Apple is a sitting duck, and not doing anything.  It has taken Youtube and Google Maps out as the default apps.  But Google is not detered.  It is creating an entire experience of Google fully with its apps.

Google makes it easy to have an almost full-blown Google OS using what are essentially the Google or Android versions of core iOS apps. Gmail and Sparrow for mail, Google voice search for Siri, Drive for cloud, Chrome instead of Safari, Google Books, Google Play Music, Google Voice, Latitude, and hopefully soon, Google Maps for iOS. That’s not including the handful of Google apps that also replace popular third-party iOS apps like YouTube, Currents, Google+, and Google Shopper.  (link)

To surge ahead in its strategy, Google is now taking its work a notch up.  It is hiring iOS developers to do work “that matters” – as if Apple is doing useless work.  Some chutzpah!

The ad for the jobs is now linked to its blog where Ken Bongort discusses the Google Voice Search App for iOS.

By the way, congratulations on launching Google’s most advanced voice search on iOS. Tell us about the new version of Search app.
Ken: We focused on making voice search really fast and fun to use. We’re taking advantage of Google’s fantastic speech recognition and natural language processing technologies to create a great mobile search experience. The new version of Search app can often understand your question, and can give you a specific answer.  We also spent a lot of time perfecting design. User experience is as simple as tapping on the microphone icon, with beautiful transitions and animations.

Here is the video on Google Voice Search:

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