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Apple to increase its presence by 3 times in India by 2015!

The Apple is planning to grow big in India.  The company now believes that India is very critical to its future growth plans. > According to the India Times [http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/tech/hardware/apple-plans-to-scale-up-presence-in-india-to-triple-exclusive-stores-to-200-by-2015/articleshow/19204356.cms] , Apple is planning to triple the number of “exclusive stores” in the

26 Mar 13 1 min read

Do the Newspaper companies have a future?

Everyone is predicting death of the newspapers in the world of digital news of smartphones and iPads. But is that true? It seems that the newspapers circulation is rising as people are willing to pay for news as well.  The new trend for the paid digital content is actually helping

01 Jan 13 1 min read

Android versus iPhone – Getting Google right

The future of computing is heavily dependent on the present and near term of the phone world.  And in this space, it seems that Android is the one which is leading the space in terms of how many phones are adapting the operating system.  But is Google really a winner

18 Feb 11 2 min read

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