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Gender Bias in Job postings turn women off from applying

A recent study by Gaucher, Friesen, & Kay published in American Psychological Association has suggested that gender-biased words used in advertising create significant issues for women psychologically when applying for jobs.  That, job descriptions that lack feminine-gender words actually repel female applicants! The hypothesis the team started with was that “to

02 Mar 13 2 min read

Top 10 most overused buzzwords on Linkedin Profiles

Linkedin [] is the professional career portal and more for businesses.  Interestingly, people who have an account on it, have their profiles up and most of these profiles have buzzwords [].  Well, these buzzwords match the ones that recruiters want to see,

04 Dec 12 2 min read
Achievement and Leadership

What if money didn’t matter?

What should one do in life?  How much is money important?  Should I go for money? These are the questions that we all have.  And the answer is never easy in any situation as money does give you ability to do many things in the world.  Here is one video

01 Dec 12 1 min read

Comparisons of Workers Across the World (Infographic)

It is interesting to compare the employment situation between different countries – how many people work, how they work and what they produce?Here is an infographic [] of such a comparison.  For example, did you know: * American workers are the

26 Nov 12 1 min read

Indian kids’ Dream jobs: Men wanted to be Engineers and Women wanted to be Teachers

In a survey across the globe [] by Linkedin, where it asked the respondents about their dream jobs when they were kids and if they were currently in those dream jobs, 415 Indian participants also replied. It seems becoming an

20 Nov 12 1 min read

What can I do for next 40 years?

A friend recently lost his job.  The times are bad so its no surprise that someone would eventually.  And he is a smart Indian guy, which translates into he must have lived intelligently and saved for the rainy day. What he is grappling with is not that he can’t

08 Nov 11 1 min read

For Long Life, Love your Colleagues!

Do you have a great relationship with your colleagues at work?  If not, the chances of you dying earlier than those who have good relationships is lower by 250%! Next time that obnoxious co-worker comes to you and starts on his/her tirade, just flash that number and hopefully that

07 Aug 11 1 min read

Is Seducing boss the best way to the top?

In these times of distressed economy, it seems affairs still work.  As per the “Best Boss” survey by Adecco Group [], 17% of the Americans think that having an affair with boss is good for advancement of career.  It leads to better promotions.  7% – one

12 Oct 10 3 min read

Lack of Friendships and Longer Working Hours

These days we work a lot of hours in office.  Sometimes and in some cases these hours are as high as 20 in a day!  For many people, there is hardly any life outside office.  Such is the state of life these days.  And we all have many colleagues we

21 Sep 10 2 min read

Career Discussions: Creating a Personal Board of Directors

One of the things that most personal development Gurus talk about these days is to treat yourself as a “Brand”.  Unless you handle yourself as a brand, which needs to be nurtured, enhanced and marketed, you will be sidelined in the new world of cut throat individualistic competition. Normal careers

12 Sep 10 2 min read

StaffCentrix – vet out the "work from home" deals

A lot of people are losing jobs.  And as more people are losing jobs, there are others who are lining up to take advantage of these people by scamming them while offering “work from home” deals.  All sorts of things are promised!  From stuffing envelopes to mystery shopping etc.  And

10 Mar 09 1 min read

Unemployment rates and Web Search trends

These days when the unemployment is running real high, the anxiety in the population is going up as well!  When anxiety rises, so do the searches for those areas. Google has given the trends in search for “Unemployment” and how it has gone up almost 3 times this year!  It

30 Jan 09 1 min read

Personal Review Plan: Frameworks to Evaluate Yourself

These are times when people are looking at their lives and the surrounding chaos and some are seeing their jobs disappear.  It is not a good situation.  If one is in that period of mid-life where one starts re-evaluating one’s life that has been and that would be, the

28 Jan 09 3 min read

Best career options for recession

Jobfox did a study from Nov 2007 and July 2008 to find 20 professions where demand remained high over economically rough periods.  The top five [] are: 1. Sales Representative 2. Software Design/Development 3. Nursing 4. Accounting & Finance Executive 5. Accounting

19 Jul 08 1 min read

Standing up to break the run

All our lives we try to fight hard and study to get jobs and create a career.Save moneys – climb the ladder, kill our dreams just to feed our families.  There is a certainty and a feeling of safety.  Or is it?  In these days?  Outside of these jobs is

16 Feb 08 1 min read

Focused and the resourceful grab the jobs they want!

Getting a job when you do not have the right experience or credentials is tough.  But if one is smart, he/she can easily off-set that by sheer enthusiasm.  It requires focus and targeting the interviewer/company that you are interviewing for. I remember when I first came to US

14 Feb 08 3 min read

Tweets his way out of Yahoo

There are many ways social networks are used.  For dating, friendships and not so legal activities to start with, and then for politics etc.  Twitter – which doesnt do a whole lot for the owners (no revenue model really), but excellent viewership and interaction has been used the most innovatively! The

12 Feb 08 1 min read

Rural B-School Empowers Women in India!

In 1990, I went to Insitute of Rural Management, Anand [] . It was and remains one of the premier Business School that caters to

25 Oct 07 2 min read

The MBA school divide in India

There seems to be a divide amongst the Bschool graduates in India. Those from metros and top-tier MBA schools are going for the corporate jobs, while those in the second tier cities are opting for the public sector. > Students from those business schools which are located in tier-II cities, such

22 Oct 07 1 min read

Diversity Recruiting – guest article

Here is another guest article from the authors of the book “Recruit or Die” – Chris Resto, Ian Ybarra, and Ramit Sethi It’s important that every employee is treated equally and that businesses look for hr consultancy services [] that will allow them to ensure that any

16 Oct 07 3 min read

How to manage you career for ever.

Here is some excellent advise on how to manage one’s career from [] newsletter (William Arruda and Kirsten Dixson).  I think everyone should print this and keep it up on his/her desk for life!! * Document your accomplishments at the end of each week.

04 Jul 07 2 min read

Indian Execs work longest hours!!

I knew that when my boss, the Chairman and the CEO told me in my third week of joining on Monday morning – "Your job is 7 days a week, 24 hours a day…. I did not see you here yesterday!!" Plus we did not have any Saturdays off.. forget about

31 May 07 1 min read

Obnoxious Indians when we deal with our own

Working with or being interviewed by a fellow-desi (Indian) is one of the worst experience that any Indian can go through on the career front. Recently, a friend was being interviewed by this guy for a senior role in India (he wants to move from US to India after 7-8

30 Nov 05 1 min read

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