Indian kids’ Dream jobs: Men wanted to be Engineers and Women wanted to be Teachers

In a survey across the globe by Linkedin, where it asked the respondents about their dream jobs when they were kids and if they were currently in those dream jobs, 415 Indian participants also replied.

It seems becoming an Engineer, Scientist and a Soldier are the top three for male respondents, while becoming a teacher, nurse or doctor, and engineer are the top three for females.

Survey reveals that the top childhood dream jobs for men in India were engineers (18.6 percent), scientist (9.4 percent), soldier (8.3 percent), airplane or helicopter pilot, doctor, nurse and emergency medical technician (6 percent) and teacher (5.7 percent).
And the top dream jobs for women in India were—teacher (16.1 percent), doctor, nurse or emergency medical technician (14.5 percent), engineer (8.1 percent), scientist (6.5 percent), lawyer and soldier (4.80 percent).

Interestingly, roughly 30.3% of the respondents are today in what they dreamt about as kids – pursuing their childhood dream.  That is an incredible success rate for dreamers 🙂

Here is an interesting infographic from on another study done about what the kids want to be when they grow up.

Are you in your dream job?  What did you dream about as a kid?

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