Improved Hiring Forecast in India as 94% businesses plan on hiring in 2013

India Inc is hiring in 2013.  The confidence index seems to be stable as of now.  Although it has slipped 4 points since October, but the Regus global business confidence index for India is currently at 137 points for April.  In a survey by workplace solutions provider Regus which spanned more than 26,000 businesses in nearly 100 nations – including India – gave an insight into the hiring patterns of the global companies.

For India, 94 per cent of the businesses are planning to hire.

“…94 per cent of Indian businesses are planning to increase or maintain headcount in 2013,” the survey noted. Globally, 85 per cent of businesses surveyed are planning to increase or maintain their headcount in 2013.
The robust hiring intentions of Indian employers could be attributed to higher revenue and increased profit reported by the Indian companies in the past one year.
The survey noted that nearly 39 per cent of businesses plan to increase headcount by more than 5 per cent. Interestingly, 67 per cent of respondent are planning to recruit employees in sales and marketing verticals, and 49 per cent in operational staff.
“….Companies feel it’s the right time to go out there and sell. These results suggest that sales and marketing professional will be in high demand in the coming months,” Regus vice-president (South Asia) Madhusudan Thakur said.
“Businesses need to consider how to recruit and retain the best in the field, ensuring they can remain competitive in their market,” he added.

94% of Indian businesses plan to hire in 2013: Survey

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